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5 Features in Mutual Fund Software for MFDs to Keep Up with Changing Times

Submitted by Redvision on Wed, 01/24/2024 - 21:37

The world is constantly evolving. We've come a long way from bicycles to cars, keypad phones to smartphones and currency notes to UPI. When everyone swears by technology and does everything at their fingertips today, why are you still doing everything manually, mutual fund distributor?
Manual Processes and Time Constraints
As mutual fund distributors, you often find yourself stuck in time-consuming tasks such as manual paperwork and onboarding, client commitments, managing client reports, and so much more, leaving little to no room for revenue-generating activities. Technology automates your manual tasks and saves you time, so you can focus on business expansion.
Key Features To Improve Your Business With Changing Time
You probably use technology to automate your business, like Mutual Fund Software in India, which reduces more than half of your manual load, and it's a step in the right direction, but just accessing technology isn't enough MFDs. You need to keep changing your ways with time. Here are 5 features you need to know to be able to make the most out of technology:
Portfolio Tracking and Rebalancing

  • Tracking Performance: Easily monitor clients' portfolios across various funds and asset classes.
  • Allocation Visualization: Visualize investment allocation for a clear overview.
  • Monitoring Metrics: Keep tabs on key metrics like expense ratios and returns.
  • Identifying Underperformers: Detect underperforming funds for potential rebalancing.


  • Optimized Investments: Enables adjustment for optimal returns and risk management.
  • Precise Rebalancing: Identify and rectify underperforming funds efficiently.

Automated Transaction Management:

  • Streamlining Manual Tasks: Automate placing instant orders across exchanges.
  • Error Reduction: Minimize errors that often accompany manual processing.


  • Time-Saving: Frees up valuable time for strategic planning and client service.
  • Error Minimization: Reduces the risk of errors in crucial transactions.

Client Reporting and Communication:

  • Professional Reports: Generate professional and customizable reports for clients.
  • Automatic Delivery: Schedule automatic report deliveries.
  • Data-Driven Discussions: Engage in insightful, data-driven discussions with clients.

Benefits for MFDs:

  • Enhanced Communication: Foster transparency and trust with clients.
  • Efficient Reporting: Save time by automating report generation and delivery.

Risk Management and Goal Setting:

  • Risk Assessment Tools: Utilize tools to assess clients' risk tolerance.
  • Goal Setting: Set financial goals and regularly track progress.


  • Tailored Strategies: Align investment strategies according to clients' risk profiles.
  • Goal Tracking: Track progress towards financial objectives efficiently.
  • Reduce Redemptions: Keep clients invested in their long-term goals, and reduce redemptions.

Research and Analysis Tools:

  • Access to Comprehensive Databases: Gain access to extensive databases.
  • Analytical Tools: Utilize tools to research potential mutual funds, compare performance data, and identify opportunities.


  • Informed Decisions: Make well-informed investment decisions based on thorough research.
  • Tailored Investments: Identify opportunities that suit clients' needs and risk profiles.

MFDs, the above-listed strategies aren’t just features; they're actionable solutions to make your life easier. The right mutual fund software can help you implement these strategies effectively.
REDVision Technologies embodies all these strategies for MFDs to provide endless benefits including efficiency enhancement, client engagement and informed decision-making through Mutual Fund Software For Distributors. Remember, it's not just about adapting to change but mastering it for lasting success.