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Aluminium 6061 sheets/5052 aluminium sheet plate

Submitted by alusale on Sun, 05/19/2024 - 18:43

Aluminum alloy sheet 5052 slightly higher than the hardness of 6061 aluminum sheet , however 6061 alloy composition is extra appropriate for aerospace use, 6061 aluminum alloy is the most appropriate processing kingdom is T651, is primarily based on the 6061 t6 marine aluminum plate stretch, cast off strain, with superb processing overall performance, desirable corrosion resistance and weldability, excellent oxidation and other exceptional features.Aluminum alloy sheet 5052 fabric hardness is better and the intensity is higher, specially with excessive fatigue electricity, excessive plasticity and corrosion resistance, warmth treatment can not be reinforced, with touch welding and hydrogen soldering proper weldability.
5052 aluminum sheet and aluminum 6061 plates are used in the manufacture of ships, but the maximum extensively utilized in plane production.
The main difference between aluminium 6061 sheets and 5052 aluminium sheet plate:
1. The distinction in composition:
Ingredients: 5052 Si, zero.25;Fe, 0.40;Cu, zero.10;Mn, 0.10;Mg, 2.20 2.Eighty;Cr, 0.15 0.35;Zinc, 0.10
6061 alloy composition: Si0.Forty-0.80;Fe, 0.70;Cu, zero.15 1.Forty;0.15 0.8, 0.15 Mn, Mg, Cr, zero.04-0.35, zinc, zero.25
2. Overall performance difference:
Aluminum alloy sheet 5052 overall performance: Tensile electricity: one hundred seventy-305Mpa, yield power: ≥ 70Mpa, elongation of 12-17%
Aluminium 6061 sheets cut to length performance: Tensile electricity: one hundred and five-290Mpa, yielding power of 85-240Mpa, elongation of eight-sixteen%
Three processing overall performance
5052 aluminum is Al-Mg-Si series aluminum has properly processing performance and properly welding performance, corrosion resistance;
6061 aluminum is Al-Mg-Si collection of aluminum has top processing overall performance, right oxidation and corrosion resistance.