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Avoiding Makeup Trends After 40

If you're 40 or older, you've probably reached a point in your life where certain trends just can't stop. Forty-plus years later, you've seen it all: false eyelashes, thick foundation, and cartoonish concealer (even if you have dark circles under your eyes).

This article will tell you what to avoid in order to look young and fresh.

Concealer or foundation? It is heavy
Too much foundation or concealer can cake your skin and settle around wrinkles, emphasizing features you want to hide.

Use a quality moisturizer before foundation and/or concealer for a flawless, smooth finish. A decent primer will also help you achieve a smooth look.

Choose a product that provides full coverage without being heavy. Fièra Luxury Concealer makes it easy with specially formulated solutions to hide the signs of aging without caking or reducing the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles.

You can up your beauty game by applying foundation with a soft, wide brush or makeup sponge. This results in more coverage that hides fine lines.

Blush and foundation
No matter how oily your skin is, you've probably noticed that it's drier than before. It is a normal part of aging and can be improved with the right cosmetics. If you're used to powdering blushes and foundations, it might be time to try their creamy counterparts. Loose powder can dry out your skin and make your wrinkles more visible.

On the other hand, cream makeup and blushes that contain moisturizing ingredients can offer a softer look by smoothing out fine lines rather than emphasizing them.

Glitter eyeshadow
Bright eyeshadow was popular in the 80s and 90s, but it may not be the best choice after 40. Vibrant eyeshadows can make us look tired and old in our forties.

Of course, you can still wear makeup - just choose a neutral color that matches your skin tone. If you like glittery makeup, look for shimmery products instead of shimmery ones. Can shine in and emphasize the lines!

Black lipstick
Dark lipstick can look dramatic, but as we age, it also makes us look older. Crimson, dark purple and chocolate brown can be harmful.

What color should you use instead? Choose a natural shade that complements your natural lip color. It can be a soft pink, salmon, or fuchsia. If you have trouble wearing dark lipstick, see if lighter shades are available.