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Best Diamond Shapes: Guide to Carat and Colour

When it comes to diamonds, the options can be rather bewildering. With so many different cut shapes and qualities to consider. There are numerous diamond shapes available for purchase, including round, square, marquise, and others. To assist you in selecting the ideal diamond shape for you, here is a guide to what makes each form unique.

Marquise Cut Diamonds 
Marquise cut diamonds are fashionable these days. Marquise diamonds feature two points at either end, creating an appealing, elongated form. Often regarded as the most regal of diamond forms. When compared to other diamonds of the same carat weight, the Marquise Cut Diamond  form fits your style and delivers significant savings.

Oval Cut Diamonds 
Because of their brilliant faceting pattern, Oval Cut Diamonds are fantastic at hiding defects and body colour. This means you save money by reducing the colour and clarity scales. If you like the curved edges and brightness of a round diamond but want something a little different, an oval diamond is the way to go. An Oval Cut Diamond is suitable for people who seek an attractive look with a distinct flare and outstanding durability.

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