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The Best Materials for Building Austin Patio Covers: A Comprehensive Guide

The climate in Austin is humid subtropical, which means the summers can be hot. Spending time outdoors can be limited due to the harsh sun rays. Moreover, there are occasional periods in winter when the city dwellers expect freezing cold snaps. Environmental elements greatly impact how you design the exterior part of your house in Austin. But if you invest in patio covers, you can significantly improve the functionality as well as the curb appeal of your home. Today, we will discuss the best materials in Austin patio coversLet’s find out which materials can withstand the harsh summers and freezing winters of Austin.

Which material is best for patio covers in Austin?
Austin gets warm and sunny days most of the year. It clearly calls for a careful selection of materials for the outdoors. Be it the furniture, décor elements or patio covers, you need to be careful while selecting the material.
When it comes to patio covers, the material must stand the test of time, especially the occasional heat waves from June to August. Moreover, humidity makes things worse. Lack of ventilation can make it feel even hotter. To put it simply, a homeowner should look for Austin patio covers that are weather-resistant, durable and offer superior ventilation. Below are some options for patio covers, let’s take a look at the pros and cons depending on the climate in Austin:

  •  Aluminum: For a region like Austin, aluminum is the best choice because it is lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion. You give it a good wipe and the aluminum patio roof becomes like new. Unlike wood, aluminum doesn’t rot or warp and you don’t need to polish or repaint it. 

Thanks to technology there are endless style options available these days. You can even get the wood-like warmth and texture from aluminum patio covers and achieve the look and feel you desire. If you don’t like a completely shaded patio, you can opt for louvered patio roofs. These are motorized louvers that can be opened or closed for total environmental control. 


  • Steel: Yet another material that requires minimum maintenance and withstands harsh climatic conditions. However, steel roofs are difficult to install and therefore people tend to choose aluminum roof panels for their lightweight performance.
  • Insulated panels: Many argue that aluminum may not provide insulation like traditional materials. Therefore, brands have come up with innovative aluminum roof panels that are manufactured with a unique foam core that provides superior insulation. Due to their energy efficiency, these panels are the best choice for Austin residents.
  • Fabric: Although fabric is not as durable as aluminum, it is still in the list because of the innovative ideas of retractable patio covers. Needless to say that fabric may not be the right choice for the climatic conditions of Austin but it can become an efficient option with the retractable mechanism. Technological advancements and innovation have made it possible to get fabric awnings with ten years warranty on the fabric. The retractable feature allows you to easily store the patio cover when not in use and improves its lifespan. 

How to choose the right material for pergolas in Austin?
Pergolas can be made from either wood or steel. Both these materials have their drawbacks we discussed above; so the obvious winner is aluminum. It is lightweight, customizable, and energy efficient. If you want to learn more about suitable pergola materials in Austin, it is best to consult a patio roofing contractor. Their knowledge and local expertise can guide you better. 
Which are the best aluminum patio covers near me?
Wondering where to find high quality Metal patio covers near meFind a patio builder who specializes in aluminum patio covers. You can also get a quote from Bluebonnet Patio Covers. It is a premium roofing company in Austin offering design, installation and maintenance services for patio covers and pergolas at the best price.