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Traditional Somali Spice Blends are an essential component of every Somali mother's kitchen. Unique blends of black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and turmeric, tailored to the spice-loving palate of the east African people, fill the cabinets. Seasonings give your food a unique, taste and smell and allow you to imbue some personality into every dish. The majority of spices used in east African food are easy to source locally but to get an authentic flavour there are some trickier herbs that require a bit more effort.  These can be sourced from African food markets or most recently, a host of online wholesalers have emerged.

When people venture into Somali cuisine, we believe providing an authentic food experience goes a long way in enveloping them in the rich culture of the country. We only use the best Somali Spice Blend to ensure our foods stay true to the hearty, spice-loving nature of Somali cuisine. We specially curate every spice blend, hand-make them in small quantities and use natural flavours to ensure that our customers always receive a high-quality product. When our spices are added to food, our signature flavour tickles the tastebuds and evokes feelings of warmth and generosity that are the hallmark of Somali culture.

Flavour is the most important component of food preparation, it’s what elevates eating from a rudimentary activity to a beloved experience. Although many types of meat and foods have their own innate flavours, without any assistance they’re often muted and not strong enough on their own. Spice blends do more than just inject a new flavour into the food, they serve as catalysts to intensify the existing flavours. Choosing spices for a spice blend is more than just creating a taste, we specifically choose spices and herbs in our blends that provide a burst of flavour without overpowering the natural flavours already present.

There are many online websites where you can acquire spices online. But only a few offers specially curated blends for specific proteins that utilise the natural already present flavours in your food and elevate them to new heights.

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