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Best Video Interviewing Software for Agency Recruiters

Submitted by davidhills on Tue, 01/25/2022 - 06:14

Video interviews have helped in making the recruitment process simple and efficient. You won’t have to worry about traditional recruitment issues and create a seamless interview process. To integrate video interviews into your recruitment process, you must choose a trusted video interviewing software. Agency recruiters will get more benefits from using video interview software as it will save a lot of time to find and hire the best talents. Here are some of the top video interview platforms of 2022 for agency recruiters.

1) Jobma
Jobma is one of the most popular Video interview software in the recruitment industry. It is available in more than 50 countries in 13 languages. Conduct one-way or live video interviews to create a seamless interview process.

Integrate this Video interview platform with the top applicant tracking systems, background screening, assessment solutions, and job board tools. Jobma helps in eliminating the traditional recruitment barriers and empowers your recruitment team to prepare for the future.
• Speed up your recruitment process
• Efficiently handle different recruitment tasks
• Customize your video interviews to promote your brand
• Create a fair and transparent hiring process
• Integrate with the best ATS tools

2) iMocha
iMocha is a trusted name in the recruitment industry as it has helped many organizations to fulfill their requirement needs. You can get access to a wide range of tools by using this video interview software for your recruitment process.
• 2000+ Skills library to properly assess the top candidates
• Customize your interviews to find the best candidates
• Efficiently conduct live video interviews
• Anti-cheating tools to create a transparent hiring process
• Reduce time to hire

3) EasyHire
EasyHire is the perfect option for recruiters who want to create a simple and efficient recruitment process. It is equipped with advanced technologies that can handle various complex recruitment tasks. So, your hiring team can focus on creating an engaging recruitment process to hire the top talents.
• Data analytics to improve hiring quality
• Bring automation to your recruitment process
• Eliminate unconscious bias from recruitment
• Improve your applicant tracking with ATS tools
• Enhance candidate’s interview experience

4) HireBeat
If you are facing issues in managing your high-volume recruitment process, then HireBeat is a great option. This modern recruitment software brings AI-enabled tools to empower your recruitment process. Recruiters can automate repetitive hiring tasks to ensure that they can find the best talents.
• Manage all the applicants from one place
• Easily share job posts on more than 200 job boards
• Automate time-consuming recruitment tasks
• AI-enabled tools to help in making hiring decisions
• Collaborate with your team for the recruitment process

5) ZipRecruiter
ZipRecruiter is designed to simplify the hiring process by using modern tools. It offers a lot of incredible features that will help your team become faster and efficient for all the recruitment tasks. Your hiring team can create an engaging recruitment process to find and hire the top talents quickly.
• Compatible with top devices
• Perfect for SMEs and large enterprise
• Enhance your screenings with video interviews
• Instant notifications for new candidates
• Empower your recruiter with social media sites

6) Breezy HR
Breezy HR is the perfect digital interview tool for large organizations that want to focus on quality instead of quality. It is an end-to-end recruiting software that will help you find the best employees. You can get a 14-day trial to get familiar with the tool and find how it will be helpful in your recruitment.
• Make collaborative hiring decisions
• Empower your recruitment with data analytics
• Manage your candidate from one place
• Quickly post job ads on top job boards
• Source top candidates and improve your talent pool

7) interviewstream
Recruiters often face difficulties in managing hundreds of interviews as it can consume a lot of time and effort. By adding interviewstream to your team, you can simplify your recruitment process by eliminating the traditional hiring challenges.
• Simplify your hiring volume with modern tools
• Easily manage your interview schedule
• Quickly connect with top applicants
• Create an efficient hiring process
• Boost your recruitment speed


These are some of the best video interviewing software for agency recruiters. Whether you want to hire globally or increase your hiring volume, the Video interviewing will prove immensely valuable for your recruitment process. Jobma is an all-around performer that can handle almost every recruitment task. So, you can empower your recruitment process with such a powerful tool.

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