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Challenges and Opportunities for Electrical Contractors

What's the Difference Between Electrical Contractors and Other Business Owners? Electrical Contractors are responsible for the safe operation of electrical systems. They know the importance of electrical safety. Whether the system is new or already in place, electrical contractors have to make sure that all electrical systems are safe. That includes both people and property. In addition to making sure that electrical systems are safe, they ensure that all workers are properly trained and paid appropriately. In addition to electrical safety, they must consider all aspects of their business, from employee compensation to pre-existing risks.


One of the most important challenges facing the electrical contracting industry is a rapidly growing demand for qualified electricians. While the potential supply of electricians is decreasing, the industry is growing. Meanwhile, other industries have had to work even harder to attract new workers. With such a large demand, recruitment and development for electrical contractors Perth is a formidable challenge. If you want to keep up with demand, you need to develop your workforce. Learn about the challenges and opportunities that are facing the electrical contracting industry.

If you are an electrical contractor, you know how important accurate job costing is to success. ExakTime's workforce management solutions help electrical contractors streamline payroll and direct their workforces more efficiently, thereby increasing profitability. Electrical contractors typically have workers on multiple jobsites, requiring a workforce management solution that can track their time and work. Mobile time clocks from Exacted are especially useful for electrical contractors because they offer flexibility and dependability without sacrificing quality or accuracy.


A large portion of tools used by electrical contractors are manufactured by Current Tools. This South Carolina-based manufacturer of electrical contractors’ tools offers over 100 products, including cable pullers, conduit benders, and knockout sets. Their nationwide customer support and connections are among their many proud highlights. Almost every product is made on site, and the company has a fully staffed engineering staff. In addition to the tools they offer, Current Tools also sells a range of job carts and accessory kits.

The most essential tools for electrical contractors are those that measure the various properties of electricity, including the current and voltage. Other useful tools include the volt meter, a multimeter, and a clamp meter. For a thorough inspection of an electrical installation, FLIR recommends investing in a thermal camera. These devices allow contractors to locate hot spots and speed up the inspection process. They are also extremely useful for troubleshooting jobs.


The salary for electrical contractors varies depending on several factors. For instance, experience level can increase salary, and the higher the number of years of experience, the higher the salary. The location of an electrical contractor's business can also affect salary, since large metropolitan areas are more likely to pay higher salaries. Regardless of the reason, an electrical contractor's salary will likely depend on several factors, including the electrician's location and education.

Although the salary for an electrical contractor varies by state, the annual income can be very high. In New York State, electrical contractors make the highest incomes, with an average yearly salary of $79,480. In Illinois, Hawaii, and Alaska, electrical contractors earn over average. However, the salary for this field can be lower than the national average. The job outlook for this occupation remains positive, however. As a result, salaries will grow by 9 percent between 2016 and 2026.

Premises liability exposures

Electricians are responsible for numerous pollution exposures on their jobsites. These exposures can come from faulty work or subcontractors. One such example is an electrical control panel that malfunctioned, releasing thousands of pounds of chlorine gas into the air. Workers at the facility filed a claim against the electrical contractor. These are just a few of the many premises liability exposures electrical contractors face. To learn more about these exposures, contact a licensed insurance professional.

In addition to these types of risks, electrical contractors are also exposed to the risk of personal injury and invasion of privacy. To protect your business from potential exposures, it is important to hire a licensed electrical contractor. Then, you need to check on their background and insurance history. Besides checking for licenses and insurance policies, it's essential to review warranties and maintain the safety system of your electrical contractor. You must also consider the level of work quality to avoid claims.


Membership in trade associations for electrical contractors opens the doors to a world of support, education, and benefits. Increasing your knowledge is critical to your success, and a member of an electrical organization can help you stay up-to-date. In addition to offering support, membership in an association can provide a great network of other electricians in your industry. And with a plethora of benefits, joining an association is a great investment in the future of your business.

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) is the largest trade association for electrical contractors in the country. The organization represents over 70,000 electrical contracting businesses across the United States. It has 119 chapters throughout the country, including the Southern Tier Chapter in the Binghamton, Elmira, and Ithaca regions. The Southern Tier Chapter is dedicated to advancing the industry through education, labor relations, and current information. As a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association, you can gain access to exclusive discounts for construction-related projects.