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Common Problems with a Well Pump System

There are a lot of potential problems that can show up with your well pump system. For some people, it can last a long time and will give you all of the water that you need. But there are some problems that mean you just need to get something out of your water system rather than getting a whole new well pump. Some of the most common problems that you need to consider when it comes to your well pump system includes:
# No water: If you have a well pump and you are not able to get water to come out in your home, the first thing to look for is a circuit breaker that is tripped. You can also test out the pressure switch on the pump because if it is corroded and old, then it may not be making the good connection to get things done.
# Low water pressure: If there is a worn-out seal on the motor of your water pump, it can make you lose some of the water pressure. A leak in the system can cause this as well. The pressure tank will come with an air valve on the top and if you notice water coming out when it is depressed, then the pressure tank is what needs to be replaced.
# Low water level in the storage tank: Some of these systems are going to have a storage tank that is non-pressurized where the well will then dump deposits of water and there should be a pressure pump to charge the pressure tank. If the tank is always low on water, it is often a sign that the pump is no longer working the way that you would like.
# Air bubbles: If the well pump doesn’t have a good seal, it may allow air to get into water. But air bubbles can also mean that you have a leak in your water line. You may also need to check out the pressure tank.
When you are looking for a professional to step in and do the well pump repair, then it is time to contact a professional from our team. We will be able to come out and see what is wrong with your well, getting it fixed up for you and ensuring that it is going to work as good as new once again. We know how important your well is for your home and if the pump stops working, it can be a disaster. No matter what is wrong with the pump to start with, we are here to get it up and working once again. Contact us today to get started.