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A comprehensive guide to louvered patio roofs

Additional seating space is always essential when you plan a gathering at home. Having a covered patio offers the benefits of having a comfortable, inviting and functional outdoor space. Therefore, patio roofs are getting immensely popular. Especially among city dwellers who have limited real estate.
You might be looking for options to make outdoor gatherings more enjoyable. When it comes to functionality as well as aesthetics, louvered design has become the unrivaled hero of all outdoor patio roofs. Louvered designs are popular because these products can provide the perfect settings regardless of a sweltering sun or drizzle. Nowadays there are motorized options available which are surely a valued addition to your home. Let’s discuss how to make the outdoors more enjoyable with an equinox louvered roof.   

Why is louvered patio roof design the most popular?
Louvers are slatted panels that can be adjusted to prevent the random weather setting from spoiling your time on the patio. These are great for patio roofs because the design allows you to control the amount of sunlight while fresh air can circulate easily. 
If you want to create a comfortable outdoor living space that invests in a louvered patio roof. It offers the dual benefits of aesthetics and functionality. 
Having a louvered roofing system offers you the benefits of:

  • Increased outdoor time
  • Enjoyable outdoor living space
  • Valued addition to your home
  • Optimal furniture protection
  • Blocking harmful UV rays
  • Dry and sheltered outdoors in the rain

What are your options to make a louvered patio cover roof?
Louvers are the ultimate shading solution for patios because they offer the flexibility to have an entirely open or shut patio roof. These louvered panels can be made from wood, aluminum or vinyl. Based on your style and budget preferences, you can find various products in the market. Though, equinox louvered roof is the best seller and is recognized as the ultimate shading solution.
Is it worth investing in an Equinox louvered roof?
Add tremendous value to your home by investing in an Equinox louvered roof. The extruded aluminum patio roof is precision engineered and comes with an innovative system of rotating gears. When you host a gathering, the louvered roofing system will surely be the conversation starter. Here is why Equinox louvered roof has become the talk of the town:

  • Shading solution: Extend the seating space and gather even bigger parties by installing Equinox louvered roofs. These louvers can be adjusted easily to protect skin and eyes from harmful UV rays. 
  • Durable: Equinox louvered roof is made from extruded aluminum which offers greater durability compared to conventional wood and plastic panels.
  • Customization: Aesthetics can be maintained with this roofing system because the option of customization allows designing louvers in a style that seamlessly integrates with the existing architectural style.
  • User-friendly: Modern day louvers come with motorized operations which feature remote controlled operation. Users can easily rotate the louvers with the touch of a button to control the climate.
  • Easy to install: Equinox louvers come with an innovative built-in gutter system which makes installation quick and hassle-free. The precisely angled louvers ensure that rainwater flows easily keeping the area under the roof all dry and comfortable.
  • Cost-efficient: The innovative roofing system comes with the option of solar power. Using a renewable and sustainable energy source makes the roofing system affordable. Moreover, using a solar battery cell also eliminates the hassle of wiring and installation inside the home.

Bottom line
Invest in the Equinox louvered roof and take full control of your patio seating even when the sun is at its full height. For orders and further enquiries connect with Bluebonnet Patio covers. They are the only certified and authorized dealers of Equinox louvered roofs in San Antonio/Austin.