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The Diablo 4 beta still hasn't convinced me

Submitted by Devon456 on Sun, 04/09/2023 - 16:53

"We thought we might be able to evolve sets in a different way than we've seen with Diablo 3 as we've been working on the game." We needed more time to incorporate sets in a way that perfectly fits Diablo 4, so you won't see them when you start the game. Shely explains. We are looking into live play because we think sets are great and want to make sure they are done right Diablo IV Gold."

Luis Barriga, a former director of games, stated to Polygon (opens in new tab) in 2019: The demo contains a legendary staff that transforms the fireball spell into the triple fireball spell. In contrast, in the current version of Diablo 3, casting a spell results in rewards of two or three thousand. I believe we are currently tightening up the design of the game to prevent our players from entering that enormously escalating power curve.

Set Items are basically powerful tools that increase power when combined. If you haven't heard of them, you should. They are called a "set" because they are always ready to provide similar benefits, and it goes without saying that they are important for a set. Even though they were first introduced in Diablo 2, they didn't really start to gain traction until Diablo 3. Assuming they advance into Diablo 4, it isn't yet clear the way in which they will influence the meta of the game, however there is no question that they will immensely affect the changing style scene.

The Diablo 4 beta still hasn't convinced me, but I can't wait to play more (with or without Set Items).

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