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Different Ways To Cook A Juicy And Tasty Chicken

Chicken pieces are versatile. You can use them to prepare appetisers or rich gravies and always be assured of great taste. Plus, they have the simplest preparation method. Source excellent quality chicken online, gather your spices and start cooking immediately. Following are the different ways to cook juicy chicken:

Pan fry

This is the simplest way to cook chicken. It is easy and time saving. Just heat the pan with oil and cook the chicken pieces. Ensure you keep enough space between the chicken pieces to receive reasonable heat. Continue to cook the pieces for some time or until they turn golden brown. Follow a similar procedure for the other side of the pieces. Squeeze lemon juice and add a pinch of chilli powder to make it more flavourful.

Deep frying

Consider deep frying chicken pieces to prepare some crispy chicken fingers or popcorn. Chop them into pieces and coat with corn starch for a crispy coating. Before coating, do not forget to dip the chicken pieces in a bowl of buttermilk. This helps the corn starch to stick and hold on to the chicken better. Be mindful before you add pieces to the hot oil pan. Place them one by one, so the oil does not spurt.
Continue cooking until they appear golden brown. Once the chicken pieces are entirely cooked, transfer them to a bowl. If you enjoy spicy food, consider sprinkling some peri-peri or red chilli powder on the top. Order chicken online and cook some lip-smacking chicken fingers for your movie night.


If you want to go healthy, consider baking the chicken pieces. Pre-heat your oven to 450 F to bake them. Marinate the chicken well. Marination retains the meat's moisture and makes it more flavourful. Spread out a parchment paper on the baking tray before placing the chicken pieces. This ensures they do not stick to the baking tray and are easy to serve. Continue baking the chicken until it turns golden brown. This could take close to 15 to 20 minutes.


Poaching chicken helps you attain tender and softer chicken. The poaching process is simple. You need to boil the chicken pieces in hot water. Pay attention to the volume you use to boil chicken pieces in. The water should be in proportion to the quantity of chicken pieces. The chicken takes longer to cook if of poor quality. Hence, ensure you only buy high-quality ones. Opt for meat online delivery and purchase premium quality meat delivered to your doorstep instantly.