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A Dream Career: How to Become a Judge in India

"Becoming a judge can be a fulfilling career path if you have a passion for the law. You must be a person who desires to serve justice. But if you aspire to become a judge, the process requires specific qualifications and experience.

To get a post as a High court judge, a minimum of 10 years of experience as a lawyer is necessary. You should be a High Court Judge for 5 years to become a judge of the supreme court.

In addition to the prestige that comes with being a judge, it is also a well-paying profession. A Supreme Court Judge’s salary is around Rs. 2.8 lakh per month. However, a High Court Judge’s salary is approximately Rs. 2.5 lakh per month.

With hard work and dedication, the path to becoming a judge can be rewarding. Wondering how to become a judge in India? Let’s explore all you need to know in this article.

The Role of a Judge
Once you know how to become a Judge in India, you can learn the responsibilities. You’ll be entrusted to uphold the law and maintain order in society. Judges play a critical role in the Indian judiciary. Their decisions have far-reaching implications on the lives of people.

The key responsibilities of a judge of the supreme court include interpreting the law. They ensure that justice is served in each case. Let us start with the process of how to become a judge in India by understanding a judge’s qualifications.

It may vary depending on the judiciary level one seeks to enter. For example, you must practice law for 10 years to become a High Court Judge. But qualifications are not the only factor determining a judge’s success.

They must also possess excellent analytical and decision-making skills. Judges should also have the ability to communicate effectively with all parties involved in a case. They must apply the law impartially and fairly, without any prejudice.

The role of a judge of the Supreme Court is not limited to hearing cases. They must also ensure that the judicial system functions efficiently. Judges have to manage their time effectively and balance competing demands. They should maintain the integrity of the judiciary.

Note that your answer to how to become a judge in India lies in the pursuit of justice. While the road to following this profession is long, at last, you’ll gain high respect."