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Employer Branding Mistakes

Submitted by localskill on Fri, 08/26/2022 - 22:55

With talent acquisition becoming
increasingly competitive, your organisation may lose out on top applicants if
it doesn't stand out. A strong employer brand helps your organisation develop
its identity, attracts great individuals, and makes them want to work with you.
Some organisations make employer branding blunders without realizing it.Employer branding errors:1. Insufficient employer brandingSome brands begin poorly. Without good
employer branding, it's challenging to recruit top personnel. Start with
employer branding. Time, effort, and resources are needed. Implementing your
approach step-by-step helps your brand stand out in the job market.You should let present staff speak. Let
them describe their corporate experience. Similar to how other organisations
convert leads using social proof. Your workers' opinions can sway a top
candidate's decision.Create employer branding goals. What are
your workplace branding goals? Want more high-quality job applicants? Increase
career site traffic? You may wish to reduce hiring time and expense.Be clear about your aims. It will be easy
to track your employer branding activities and adjust your strategy. If you're
not meeting your goals, you may need to improve the applicant or employer
experience.2. Social media ignoringHR professionals and IT hiring agencies
should focus on more than simply finding the perfect applicant. To recruit the
best applicant, widen your target demographic and boost your employer brand.Consider publishing information that
engages potential candidates. This includes audience shares or likes. Social
media participation boosts post visibility.Recruiting on Facebook and other social
media sites can get tough, so it’s crucial to establish a strategy before
posting. Think about whether you'd share the stuff you wish to upload. If not,
consider revising the material to make it more shareable.If you want more people to see your
employer brand, online networks are a terrific place to start. Registration on
most online community sites is typically free, and you can begin publishing
your recruiting content straight immediately.3. Ignoring current workersConsider answering this question: When you
have a job opening, what percentage of candidates do you find through employee
referrals? If none, you have a problem. Because workplace branding efforts
start within.If your present employees are satisfied
and love working for you, you'd get lots of references for available positions.
They'll also promote your brand on career sites, social media, and other venues.So, audit employees. Give your employees
an anonymous survey to learn your strengths and areas for improvement. Use
survey data to promote employer branding.Employees may want non-monetary
incentives. They could desire gym. Or they choose to give the "employee of
the year" a paid vacation. Employer branding may be improved with input.
Your workplace is great.Happy workers may share their experiences
online, which boosts talent retention. You'll attract more qualified prospects.4. Negative reviewsNobody's perfect. Bad ratings from past or
present workers or rejected prospects are typical. How you handle reviews
matters more. Ignoring or removing reviews will hurt your employer brand.Examine all of the feedback you've received, and
if at all feasible, attempts to address every comment. Respond civilly. Address
pain points and thank reviewers. Describe the course of action you intend to
take to resolve the matter if it becomes necessary.