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Submitted by Jamesnoble on Tue, 01/10/2023 - 22:26

Lengthy Battles
It has long been recognised that the present litigious proceedings in the Family Court have not been the most appropriate means of dealing with children’s issues.

The Federal Government established a review committee to advise on a system that would best deal with parenting issues.

As a result of the input of this committee, the Federal Government introduced a bill into parliament called the Family Law Amendment Bill (Parenting Management Hearings) Bill 2017. This legislation provides for the establishment of a new statutory authority, The Parenting Management Hearings Panel, which is designed to offer self-represented litigants a more flexible and inquisitorial alternative to the Court process.

A Pilot in 2018
The panel, when established, will go through a pilot stage during 2018 for evaluation.

This is a major development in family-related children’s issues and for this reason, the second reading speech in Parliament and the suggested Parenting Management Hearing Bill are set out in full detail below.

It is a major development in children’s issues which will affect all parents with children’s issues.”

Family Law Amendment (Parenting Management Hearings) Bill 2017
Second Reading Speech (link to file) – FINAL 2RS – Family Law Amendment (Parenting Management Hearings) Bill.pdf

Explanatory Memorandum (link to file) – FINAL EM – Family Law Amendment (Parenting Management Hearings) Bill.pdf

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