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Family Lawyers in the Latrobe Valley Help Clients With a Variety of Legal Matters

Family attorneys provide clients with assistance for various legal issues, such as divorce proceedings, child custody disputes and spousal support agreements. In addition, family lawyers assist couples in creating prenuptial agreements as well as handling domestic abuse claims.

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Divorce is the legal separation from one's partner or marital union and can be an emotionally-taxing, complex process that demands both people skills and legal know-how to navigate successfully.

If you and your spouse disagree on important issues like child custody, property division or alimony payments, court is often necessary - these cases are called "contested divorces".

Before filing for divorce or dissolution of marriage, both partners must receive copies of the paperwork. You will then need to file proof of service with the court in order to prove that their copies were delivered and received by both partners. You can also choose a trial separation process instead, in which you live separately without going through divorce proceedings.

Child Custody

Child custody involves two components - physical and legal. When parents separate or divorce, child custody matters are determined by a court.

Legal custody refers to the right and responsibility to make decisions for a child, such as where they attend school, what medical treatments they'll undergo, and their religion. A court may award either one parent sole legal custody, or both joint legal custody arrangements.

Physical custody (also referred to as residential custody) refers to the actual care and upbringing of a child, typically granted jointly to both parents. Each case varies based on its own unique set of circumstances.

Child Support

Child support is a legal requirement of both parents to contribute towards the care and maintenance of their children, with an amount determined by both custodial parent's net monthly income as well as noncustodial parent's net monthly income.

In most jurisdictions, it is against the law for either parent to withhold visitation or contact with their child as punishment for not paying child support. However, those ordered to pay may still be found "noncompliant" or criminally noncompliant by state enforcement agencies.

Latrobe Valley Family Lawyers offer expert representation for clients in all aspects of family law. Their lawyers can assist with divorce, child custody and property division issues.


Adoption is a lifelong commitment and legal process where full parental rights are transferred from birth families to adoptive families, giving these children love, security and permanency that cannot otherwise exist within either. There are various types of adoption such as open, closed and stepparent/relative adoptions; an experienced adoption lawyer will guide the proceedings and paperwork.

Maintaining timely access to justice and support services is integral to building strong, resilient communities - this is particularly pertinent in Latrobe Valley where residents often face long wait times before having their cases heard or receiving services.
Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements may seem unromantic as part of your wedding preparations, yet these contracts define terms related to property rights and responsibilities in case of divorce.

Prenuptial agreements (prenups) can help identify who owns what assets, clarify who owns which businesses or professional practices, and prevent either spouse from incurring significant debt upon separation or divorce. A judge will only uphold prenups that meet state requirements and are fair. Children's issues are not addressed by these documents and must be settled separately through custody agreements.

Domestic Abuse

Are You Being Threatened by Your Partner or Others? Does He/She Give Threatening Looks, Break Things in Front of You or Display Weapons, Isolate from Family and Friends and Separate? If this describes your relationship then this post is for you.

Domestic abuse refers to any pattern of behaviors meant to exert power and control over an intimate partner in a relationship, often by means of physical, emotional or financial abuse. Abuse usually escalates over time. If you believe you are being mistreated in any capacity, contact your local domestic violence service; they can assist with finding safe housing, filing a restraining order against the perpetrator as well as connecting you to local advocates who may assist further.