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Fortnite Player Uncovers Amusing Glitch Propelling Vehicles Skyward

Submitted by palulernmn on Tue, 02/20/2024 - 12:56

In a recent revelation, a Fortnite player stumbled upon a captivating glitch capable of launching vehicles across the map, and in certain instances, beyond its borders. Despite Fortnite's enduring popularity and continuous evolution since its inception as a Battle Royale in 2017, incorporating numerous collaborations, new maps, locations, weapons, and game modes, occasional bugs and glitches make their way into the game due to the consistent influx of updates and seasonal content.

While some glitches, such as those providing infinite health, or the recent one during the Fortnite OG event causing instant player deaths in a specific area at Fatal Fields, have left their mark on the community, the latest discovery is both specific and comical. Shared in a brief video on the subreddit by a user named HoarthYT, the glitch involves driving vehicles into slurp barrels scattered across the Battle Royale map, causing the vehicle to soar into the air. Depending on the angle and speed of the vehicle, it may be propelled to different map areas or spin wildly as it hurtles beyond the regional boundaries into the void. The community's response, reflected in the comments, oscillates between awe and laughter, with many expressing their intent to experiment with the glitch in their upcoming matches.