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Frequently Used African Spices and Herbs for Your Kitchen

Regional spices and herbs unique to the continent are expertly used to season African cuisine. Get the Best Seasoning for Rice and Chicken, it will assist in flavouring your cooking without adding an excessive amount of salt. Use garlic powder when frying meat in oil or over the grill (such as when creating fried fish or chicken), as the flavour of garlic powder is robust and will give your dish some punch while being subdued enough not to overshadow other ingredients in it (like potatoes). Our team of food enthusiasts is constantly looking for unique, fresh flavours and ingredients to share with you. This page was created to inform you of recent developments in the gastronomic community.

  • Alnif Cumin:

Alnif cumin is normally collected and refined from the end of April till the beginning of May in the Moroccan village of Alnif, situated in the eastern Anti-Atlas mountain range. The seeds from hand-cut cumin plant bundles are extracted, dried, beaten, and sieved to eliminate fine straw and dust.

  • Iru.

The Yoruba and the Edo people in Nigeria have commonly used Iru, a fermented seasoning, in their soups and regional delicacies. In both fresh as well as dried-out forms, whole or mashed, this versatile product finds it way into a wide variety of dishes.

  • Kan Kan:

The people of Burkina Faso have taken to a unique flavour mix called Kan. It comprises Maggi bouillon dice, allspice, chilli powder, and peanut powder. These fragile spices are crushed and blended to make a lovely powder. It is used across the country over several barbequed meat dishes.

  • Taliouine Saffron:

Taliouine saffron is named after the mountain region it descends from, which is situated in Morocco's Souss-Massa area on the Souktana plateau. Small-scale farmers that are all participants of the Cooperative Agricole de Taliouine grow the saffron and the harvest normally lasts from October to November.

  • Poivre de Penja:

Poivre de penja is a traditional pepper selection that comes from the Cameroonian locations of Moungo as well as Koupé Manengouba. The seasoning is extracted from the berries of the Piper nigrum plant. With a strong scent and a selection of colours, the flavour is precious to the people of Cameroon.

  • Mitmita:

Mitmita is a powdered seasoning mix from Ethiopia containing cloves, cardamom, salt, cumin, cinnamon, and bird's eye chilli. Although it is commonly made and used as a dip for recipes with prepared and raw meat, it can also be used as a rub or cleaned on many foods.

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