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FSSAI License Consultant

FSSAI License Consultants help you with the registration process, including legal compliances. They also provide technical inputs that will help smoothen the run of your business.

Food safety law in India states that businesses must have an FSSAI license before they can operate. Without one, they can be liable for fines and imprisonment.
Legal Compliances

Food Product compliance is an essential service that enables consumers to have the assurance that the food they purchase is safe. This includes product formulation and labelling. It also ensures that the ingredients and additives used in the manufacturing process are formulated accordingly, with their quantities and limits.

These requirements must be met to avoid food adulteration and contamination. In the event that a food business operator fails to comply, an improvement notice might be issued.

A FSSAI License Consultant will be able to guide you through the whole process. These consultants are experts in the field of food technology, life sciences, and microbiology, among other things.

They will be able to help you with everything from the application form and documentation to inspections. They will also be able to help you with your FSSAI License renewal. The fees for this service are generally a combination of government fees and expert fees. Depending on the type of license you need, the costs may vary.
Licensing Procedure

The FSSAI license is a legal requirement for any food business operator. It provides a number of benefits including building goodwill, ensuring food safety, creating consumer awareness and assisting in business expansion.

The kind of licensing required by different kinds of businesses varies according to their eligibility criteria and the type of food they sell. For example, Manufacturers/ Re-packers, Dealers/ Wholesalers, Stores, Transporters and Restaurants are all required to register for the FSSAI License.

The FSSAI License can also be issued to medical stores selling dietary foods and or plant-based supplements (nutraceuticals). As per the FSSAI Act, every food business operator must obtain this license, whether it’s a large food company or a small one.

A license consultant will be able to inspect your food business to make sure you’re complying with FSSAI regulations. They will also be able to ensure you’re following proper food safety practices so you can avoid fines and potential harm to your customers.

Inspections are necessary in business because they allow you to catch problems early and prevent them from causing damage. They can also help you maintain customer trust and keep your company competitive.

Typically, an inspector will come to your business and take a look at the kitchen area, refrigeration systems, storage areas, and other facilities. They will also inspect the workers’ food handling and sanitation practices to make sure they are following proper procedures.

Depending on your situation, an inspector may come to your home or use a virtual device to complete their inspection. If you’re in a housing choice voucher unit, HUD requires that you be present during the inspection or choose a representative to help you with the process.

FSSAI License Consultants help the Food Business Operators to obtain a Food License. This helps them to carry out their business in an efficient manner and increase accountability and credibility.

There are various types of licenses that a Food Business Operator can acquire, including Food License, Central License, State License etc. Each type of license has different fees that a Food Business Operator needs to pay for it.

A Food Business Operator can apply for a Food License online, or get one by visiting the FSSAI office in their city. This will give them a 14-digit number and the FSSAI logo, which can be displayed on the products in their stores.

Food licenses are granted for a period of 1 year to 5 years. The duration of the license can be extended by making an application.