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Gift cards as an effective marketing tool

Submitted by Foxxi on Wed, 12/07/2022 - 06:21

The gift card allows you to attract a customer who had not used the services of this particular company before but came here because he received a gift card issued by it. Next, the task is to get the person to come back for another purchase, along with which he can be given a permanent card, such as a bonus card, using which he will become a truly loyal customer.

In its modern form, the gift card is intended for all trade and service enterprises. Such cards are most demanded in sales of perfumes, jewelry, footwear, fashionable clothes, accessories, and any other goods or services traditionally used as a gift. A gift card creates a universal and convenient tool for interaction between a seller and a buyer, and both individuals and corporate clients can act in this capacity. At the same time, the card is a prepaid product that considers prepaid funds transferred for goods/services. You can easily order such cards from

The functionality of such cards is quite diverse:

The card can be issued with predetermined or free face value;
The card may have a limit on the number of transactions; for example, it can be used to pay only once (such measure is used to encourage the holder of the card to use the full face value or to pay the missing amount by bank card or cash);
Any validity period can be set on the cards;
Cards can be managed (if necessary, purchase limits can be set, and cards can be blocked or activated on demand);
Cards can be activated both offline and online.

An analysis of various programs shows that consumers show the greatest interest in holiday gift cards. At the same time, about 10% of total gift card sales remain unused. Consumers are particularly interested in gift cards that can be combined with other incentives, such as promotions or bonus programs. An important point is a fact that about half of gift card holders spend 15-55% more than they had on the card. And this is additional sales! It remains to be added that, if properly constructed, these programs can significantly impact sales and increase the flow of new customers.