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How are single girder eot cranes different from double girder eot cranes?

Submitted by loadmate on Wed, 02/01/2023 - 15:11

Cranes are mostly used for lifting and transporting heavy weights. They are a useful piece of equipment and are quite frequently used in factories and construction sites. You will also find cranes in warehouses and other workplaces where heavy loads have to be transported from one location to another on a regular basis.  
The cranes are quite complicated structures consisting of different parts including chains, ropes, hoists, and so on. Also, there are also a wide variety of cranes available in the market out of which single girder and double girder eot cranes are the most popular. You can also make use of a manual chain hoist for lifting heavy weight.
Many times, when we think of buying a crane for business purposes, we get really confused regarding which crane is going to be the ideal one for us. So, in order to help you out on the same, we are here for you. We are going to bring about a few points of difference between single and double girder eot cranes so that you can pick the right variety of cranes for yourself:
The most important difference between single and double girder eot cranes lies in their structure. A single girder eot crane has only one girder while a double girder eot crane comes with two girders.
A single girder crane does not have any continuous platform. There are three platforms: two smaller ones around the motor and a larger one for panel maintenance. However, the double girder eot crane has one continuous platform and a separate platform.
A single girder eot crane is less expensive as compared to the double girder crane. So, if you are on a budget, then a better option for you is to go for a single girder eot crane.
A single girder eot crane is mostly used for light applications where normal material handling is required in standard conditions while double girder eot cranes can be used for handling all kinds of material. They are perfect for handling materials in a critical atmosphere as well.
The single girder eot cranes can be difficult to maintain. However, with a double girder eot crane, this is no longer a problem. The maintenance can be done in a really easy way without you having to worry at all.
So, visit our Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer today itself and pick the right kind of eot crane for your industrial operations.