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How Do Banks Create Better Investment Products For Premium Customers?

Every bank wants to increase its popularity and improve the quality of services to attract more customers. They want to include as many investors and Loan borrowers as possible so that they can suggest to their colleagues, relatives, and friends about their satisfaction with the banking service. Nowadays, they offer premium features and facilities for customers with access to exclusive products.

Premium Banking customers get the most desired benefits from banks because of the investments they make and their contribution to financing. Hence, it is necessary to consider the needs and requirements of customers while designing a financial product. Here is a guide:

Services offered

Over time, all private banking sectors upgrade their marketing materials, apps, customer service, and banking products. Technology changes every day, and banks need to adapt it to meet the current generation's needs, like providing excellent customer support, reducing the lengthy application procedure, and enhancing online availability. Millennials want not only a distinct brand but a product with exclusivity.


There is a slight difference between a Priority Banking product and a primary product. Priority Accounts are among the most profitable in retail and business sectors. Not only are fees greater and balances higher, but performance is better in up and down interest rate environments. You get personalised assistance for investments as well.


With a Premium Bank Account, you can access wealth solutions like Mutual Funds, Bonds, Portfolio Management Services, Alternative Investment Funds, and other structured products. You can open accounts digitally in any bank branch worldwide with reasonable rates on remittances, higher rates on Fixed Deposits, and free and unlimited ATM withdrawals.

Most Privilege Banking customers get personalised support from a dedicated relationship manager who helps them with their banking and wealth management needs. They are your trusted wealth partners and work with experienced specialists to provide you with wealth solutions to meet various financial goals.

Travel in style

You are a priority not just when you bank but even when you travel. As a Preferred Bank Accountv holder, you get exclusive travel privileges, like premium lounges at major international and domestic airports. Avail of complimentary pick-up and drop-off services and meet-and-greet services at major airports.


Customers interested in accessing Premium Banking services must be eligible for it and meet the guidelines. You should pay Rs. 5 lakh towards the Total Relationship Value at the time of account opening for at least six months, amounting to Rs. 30 lakh. Provide documents proving your resident and citizenship status.


Since all premium customers get remote Bank Account opening facilities, you can manage your portfolio and finances from any corner of the world. With over 110 features, you enjoy super-secure login, super-fast remittances, super-smooth navigations, and fast payments on the Internet and Mobile Banking platforms.