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How Does the Best Mutual Fund Software in India Diversify Portfolios with Global Investing?

Submitted by Redvision on Mon, 12/11/2023 - 20:03

As Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs) in India, you know the challenges all too well. While clients are often eager to make the most of their investments, the limited options for diversification cause problems.
The Dual Challenge of MFDs
MFDs often face a double-edged problem. While investors are willing to broaden their horizons and explore opportunities beyond Indian markets, the lack of accessible global investment options restricts their choices. On the other hand, even MFDs miss out on potential Assets Under Management (AUM) and trail income that they could be earning by offering global investments. The good part is that there's a solution - and it's called global investing.
The Power of Global Investing
REDVision Technologies simplifies this challenge for MFDs and IFAs through Wealth Elite, the best mutual fund software in India which offers global investments. This game-changing feature allows MFDs to offer their clients a gateway to a world of investment opportunities with access to stocks and ETFs of global giants like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, also known collectively as the FAANG stocks. FAANG stocks are also the world's leading companies, and investing in them can bring a breath of fresh air to your clients' portfolios.
The Advantages of Global Investing
Global investing offers numerous benefits to both investors and MFDs:
Portfolio Diversification: To effectively manage and reduce risks, diversifying investor portfolios is crucial. Global investing empowers your clients to distribute their investments across various markets and industries, reducing their dependency on local market fluctuations.
Growing Trail Income: As your clients invest more, your trail income increases. It's a mutually beneficial scenario, and global investing provides you with an option to tap into this income source.
Increased Assets: By offering global investments, you can grow your pool of assets. The excitement of international stocks can be a stepping stone to expand your business.
Increased Profits: FAANG stocks have a proven track record of delivering impressive profits. MFDs can strengthen their clients' portfolios, helping them achieve better financial results through global investments.
REDVision Technologies enables MFDs to diversify portfolios through global investing. It addresses the challenges faced by both MFDs and investors by providing access to renowned global companies, increasing AUM, delivering better returns, diversifying portfolios, and boosting trail income. It's a step in the right direction toward achieving financial success for both you and your clients.