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How To Make Each Bedroom In A Two Bedroom Distinct

Whenever you have a two bedroom apartment, you might find that both you and your roommate focus on every other area of the apartment. Meanwhile, your bedrooms are carbon copies of one another and really haven’t changed much since the day you moved in. So how do you make sure that you make your bedroom your own?
After all, you do need to have a bedroom that you can retreat to whenever you need to have some time alone. Might as well make it a wonderful place to be!
Decorate To Your Style
For starters, you need to decorate your bedroom to your style. If you have never had a bedroom where you can really take your time and decorate it the way you want, it can be a little overwhelming. But figure out what you like, even if it is a color or a common theme. Do you like a certain band? A certain hobby? Do you enjoy a certain color? Or maybe you’ve just always wanted a plant.
Once you have some ideas about what you might like in your 2 bedroom apartments in sf, then you can start fully decorating your bedroom in that style. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with this process, because it should be fun!
Show Off Your Personality
One way to make sure that your bedroom is distinct from your roommate’s is to ensure that your personality is shown off. Is your bedroom warm and inviting? Is it playful and fun? Is it something that is your private area where only you truly understand its mysteries? Your personality is just another unique part of you, and you can show it off in your room.
Don’t be afraid to make your room an extension of yourself, because it should be a very comfortable place to be in! Plus, it might allow whoever you invite in to see a bit more about who you really are.
Take Pride In Your Room
Even if you never plan to make your room a true hangout spot, or invite anyone inside of your room, you should still take pride in it. It shows in how you treat your bedroom, because you will work harder to keep it clean and will enjoy the time you spend inside of it.
Take pride in your room because it is going to be your space and something that you should really love. Keep it clean, add to it, destress and have fun in it, and enjoy the time that you spend in your room. That is what will make your room distinct, and it will also ensure that your room is completely your own.