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How To Study for Long Hours: Smart Study Habits and Tips

"Studying for long hours is a constant challenge for students today. But if the student is motivated and determined, distraction cannot affect them. The amount of time invested in studying helps you to do well in the exam. With growing age, students easily get distracted because of various reasons. So, it is important to invest your study hours carefully.

According to a survey by NCERT, around 29% of school students lack concentration, and 43% of students in classes 6-12 have mood swings. This survey was conducted on 3.79 lakh students all over India. The numbers are alarming, and it’s time to give importance to improving study hours effectively.

This article will provide six tips on how to concentrate on studies for long hours. 

How to Study for Long Hours: 6 Helpful Tips
There are many ways to study for long hours. Let’s look at the top six beneficial tips. 

Set Objectives 
Prepare a timetable to cover all the topics of your subjects. Set realistic goals to cover the topics in time.
Give proper time to cover all the topics. Keep some buffer time in between schedules. If some topic takes time to complete, you can use the buffer time to complete it.
Set Priorities 
There are many topics to be covered in the syllabus. Some of the topics require fewer study hours, while some of them would need more time. So, it is important to prioritize the topics according to your requirements.
When priorities are set, you will focus more time on weaker sections. This would help you to do well in exams. Sometimes focusing more on weaker sections may become difficult. But, with proper concentration, things would fall into place."