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I have enough experience with lots of other DaD

Submitted by Devon456 on Tue, 05/23/2023 - 18:07

The best analogy for you would be someone who reads 2 lines in a rulebook, then claims "this game sucks because the cards are red and I prefer blue ones and the rules are too complicated Dark And Darker Gold".

I have enough experience with lots of other games to understand the way this game is designed right now won't attract many players and will burnout many who really liked this concept and are trying to play this.

Monsters are too powerful. Too much monsters spawns on narrow spaces. No balanced matchmaking, you very often meet group of players full geared against you a fresh lv 1 with crap gear.Its just a spit version of Escape from Tarkov with PUBG in a medieval theme.

The other goblin dungeon mode which was supposed to be for solo players are way harder than the castle one, too much monster spawns close together, making it most of the time impossible to players to clear it.

Thats what I got from the game after a few dozen runs with 4 different classes (Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger and Cleric)

Games studios should stop opening their game for the public when its clearly not in a decent state of gameplay. The game might have thousands of players now but it won't last long, maybe only hundreds playing in the future?
MANY players will not have good memories of this game when it gets released, meaning less copies sold.

I have eneught Experience from other games to know how this game works. Then proceeds to talk about Monsters being to strong when they are mostly quite weak.

Complaining about meeting Groups when there is a Dedicatet solo Dungeon Cause you purposely queue into the Group dungeon (though i admit that there are a few aspects i dont like about the goblin caves so with rogue i do prefer the normal one for solo as well Dark And Darker Gold for sale)