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I'm enjoying the game howeve DaD

Submitted by Devon456 on Mon, 04/17/2023 - 18:07

There's no use for the circle. It's just not sensible Dark And Darker Gold. Put portals and then additional than the hell portals that are required. If you do not get a blue one then youre forced to hell. Do not die to a circle that doesn't even need to remove your health. If they decide to leave the circle, then you can remove the dark mechanics that consume you.

I'm enjoying the game however, it's almost like they're trying to jam three games in one.

I'm talking about removing the circle Would kinda make the whole thing a Coinflip (as in , if what you decide to go down is Purely up to luck)

also Circle is a realy nice way to Introduce some gear burn otherwise there would be nothing (any AI that you receive in a battle while already having loot will not harm you by itself)

and it makes the faster pace possible (something that i actually like especially when i need to complete a lot of things to work on and then only be able to play for a bit)

If they keep the circle then they should remove the consuming part it. There is no reason to not be in a position to tank it, if you're in the healing. It's not a BR as the collapsing zone is just a source of conflict and with increasing numbers of players pushing into the same session (now 18) there's less opportunities to everyone.

The circular shape allows for quicker pacing which makes the game much more entertaining. There are times you get consumed by the darkness when you're the final man standing as a portal is either too far away or you're unaware that there's one. I've died a couple of times , where i've been consumed by the darkness , with an entire bag of loot. Oh Dark And Darker Gold for sale, I was mad for a second, but "play again" was clicked, and i'm all set to go.