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The importance of cold rooms in food safety – ars wholesale ltd

In the world of the meat industry, cold storage systems become a fundamental piece for the preservation of these foods. For this reason, at ARS Wholesale Ltd we use the best quality materials for the construction of refrigerated doors for the food sector, among others.
The cold provided by the cameras is essential to prevent many problems related to the appearance of pathogens in food. But not only is it enough to maintain a good temperature, but cleaning becomes essential to avoid these problems. Condensing Units Thus, keeping the cold rooms clean and disinfected, using the most appropriate methods for this, is crucial to neutralize the bacteria in the food stored there.
And it is that, we must not forget that, despite the fact that the germs are immobilized for a while, if they manage to remain longer than normal inside the cameras, they can adapt to these low temperatures and begin to act again, with all the problems that would entail.
Our refrigerated doors adapt to all types of cold rooms, both for the industrial and commercial fields. In this way, we manufacture doors of all sizes to keep perishable products at the most optimal temperature for their conservation, whether they are meat, vegetable, fish or dairy products.

Advantages of cold in food preservation
Both for domestic use and for industrial or commercial use, refrigeration is one of the quintessential systems for food preservation. This fact is so thanks to the fact that it allows the activity of pathogenic microorganisms in food to go much slower, or what is the same, the cold manages to extend the useful life of food.
Another of the great advantages and those marks one of the differences with respect to heat, Compressors is that refrigeration does not destroy pathogens, it only limits their growth.
The coldness of the chambers makes it possible to maintain a temperature slightly above the freezing point. Thus, what we achieve is to keep the water in the food liquid to slow down its deterioration and preserve its unalterable properties for a long period.
For all this, it will be essential that we take into account the needs of the product and the characteristics of the cameras in order to achieve greater product safety.