Outcomes and Desire

Last night, we had several things happen. Wonderful things, actually. We saw four teams fighting to Harold Carmichael Jersey make their last 6 months of effort mean something, to keep their seasons alive. We saw two teams complete two of the most epic collapses in Major League history. We saw the Rays win a game by which their WPA once stood at 0.3%, and we saw one of the best closers in baseball quit consecutive hits to Chris Davis, Nolan Reimold, and Robert Andino.

But there was also one thing I didnt see yesterday a single player on any of those teams who gave under maximum effort. I didnt see a single player show indications of apathy. I saw players win and that i saw players lose, but I didnt see anyone who won some loot simply because they lacked the interior moral fiber to make it happen.

For whatever reason, it is fashionable in America to accept results of sports and extrapolate character and fortitude in the outcome. Within seconds of Evan Longorias vacation home run from the night, i was being told that people saw one team who wanted it and something team who didnt know how to get it, with the inference because Tampa Bays improbable comebacks were the result Trey Burton Jersey of their determination and willpower, as the Red Sox collapse shows that they just didnt have that type of inner strength.

Its all B.S. If reality was dictated by the strength of ones desire, every 18-year-old boy in America would be sleeping with Megan Fox. It is a Isaac Seumalo Jersey simple basic rule of humanity that we cannot will something into existence. Yes, we are able to strive and put inside us position to receive those things that we wish to happen, but after the day, a huge a part of what happens to us is beyond our control.

I promise that Jonathan Papelbon badly desired to finish out the ninth inning in Baltimore last night. You cant have experienced Marco Scutaro use every ounce of athletic ability he was given to turn a circus double play and think that he wasnt giving his all last night. Michael Bourn used every last little bit of speed he had to steal his distance to stronger position all night long. Dan Uggla couldnt have po sibly used anymore effort to score on Jack Wilsons sixth inning single.

All of these players are sitting at home today, their season over, wishing they'd yet another opportunity to make it right. Josh Andrews Jersey Every single one of these desired to win yesterday they wanted to win all month long. They just couldnt make it, but it wasnt for insufficient effort or inner strength. The results of a baseball game is not something can determine through willpower, and also the outcomes of the struggle is not a pathway to teaching us about the character from the combatants.

The Rays and Cardinals ought to be lauded for his or her accomplishments. Their managers have every right to are proud of their teams for never quitting even when history suggested that they are Mychal Kendricks Jersey fighting a losing battle. However, theres pointle s to believe the Red Sox or the Braves gave up in September, or that their failures were caused by some kind of deficiency on the inside.

We can applaud resilience and determination without getting into character a sa sinations for individuals who emerged short. Baseball is beautiful because its not predetermined, also it gives us nights like last night. Lets celebrate the greatne s of the sport and people who listen to it even those who arent celebrating today. Their fight as well as their spirit to experience on gave us the drama that were all relishing today. No one rolled over. No one gave up. Baseball just happened.