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Latest technologies terms used in the internet world:

Telephones are handy devices because we can make calls and allow us to use mobile data when we want to connect to the internet. In this sense, have you ever wondered what the internet connection symbols on my cell phone mean? 
Wi-Fi 6 new name was given to the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard. That will allow faster connections, more excellent range, lower energy consumption and a series of advantages that we can enjoy if we have gadgets and products that are compatible with this standard. But what is Wi-Fi 6 and what benefits does it have?
Wireless networks are becoming more and more common. They are often one of the favourite methods of many users to access the internet from mobile devices, computers or any other connected device such as appliances, televisions or smart speakers. For this reason, it is convenient to be familiar with what Wi-Fi 6 is or what advantages it brings, beyond browsing from the mobile phone or the computer.
Below are few of common technology terms used in internet world:

  • Wi-Fi symbol: When connected to the internet, you get the Wi-Fi icon or symbol. The wifi symbol indicates the device is connected to the internet. You need the internet to access the web, use the email. On the other hand, stream music, watch videos and do a host of other activities. An HTTP request comes to the server to find out that your device has limited connectivity with no internet connection. The icon will appear after some time. 
  • Cost of a book of stamps:  In the olden days, most people used postage stamps to send letters. With the advent of newer technologies, postal stamps receded to the background, but their interest remains. Stamps are still in use in some post offices for some particular services. You have to buy a book of stamps to send so many letters or parcels.  The stamp booklets are familiar to those who often send or receive letters through the postal system. The stamp book has another name of the book of stamps. You can easily purchase a book of stamps for a price. The cost of a book of stamps varies.

  • Numlookup:  Numlookup is used to perform free reverse phone lookup. It is there to enter the phone number you are looking for simply. The advantage of numlookup is that you don’t need any debit or credit card. It is free, so it is known as a free tool. People use Numlookup to find out who had called them from the number. 
  • What does ig mean:  IG usually means Instagram. Now it is also known as I Guess. It is one of the most common platforms used by people. Its popularity grows day by day because of uploaded stuff on this platform.
  • Game pigeon: game pigeon is a game played on a mobile phone. Vitalii Zlotskii developed game pigeon. It came into being in 2016. You can have access to game pigeon through the messaging app.