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Madden 23 features are focussed on FieldSense

Submitted by Devon456 on Tue, 04/11/2023 - 17:32

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For this reason, FieldSense serves as Madden 23's newest field-focused focus. FieldSense is a technique that can be used across defense, offense and even special teams Mut 23 coins. For example, QBs have an aiming reticule and passing meter. Running backs are now able to use 360-degree cuts and immediate changes of direction. On D, gang tackles return as well as there's more substance for CB vs WR fights in the middle of the line of. At least , in theory.

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We talked about the new changes to gameplay with senior producer Mike Mahar in GR's Madden 23 preview. Want to learn more about what it's like? Then zip over to our Madden 23 hands-on instead.

Madden 23 features are focussed on FieldSense

There's no need to make an official reveal in order to answer this question. EA Tiburon provides year-round updates to franchise mode, that can be carried from one installment to another. The most recent update was made available in April, so the new features should be added to Madden 23.

For example, bye weeks were redesigned in the April update. The comprehensive Gridiron Notes elaborate: "We've updated our bye week scenario that was previously text-based to modular cinematics cheap madden 23 coins. This includes various new options and impact. The question will be asked of how your team's attitude is during the week off. There will be the option to go on a team bonding retreat to improve team unity, doing self-scouting to identify weaknesses to correct following the bye or going on with the week in order to assist the growth and growth of players. Each choice comes with a different positive and negative result. As the coach, it's your job to decide what your team requires and then get them into the best position to achieve success in the stretch run of the season."