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Maximizing Your Patio Space with Equinox Patio Covers

Who doesn’t like luxe patio seating arrangements? 
Everyone wants to get the Pinterest-inspired look for their outdoors but harsh sun or rain can quickly ruin your dreams. By investing in patio covers you can efficiently tackle these environmental factors. 

In the humid subtropical climate of Austin patio covers are crucial to make a home more functional and comfortable. During the hot summers and high humidity, you can enjoy the outdoors with proper ventilation and climate control. Sounds impossible right? Not when you invest in Equinox patio covers. 
Equinox patio covers are a louvered roofing system that moves on your command. It offers sun and rain protection because the louvers are motorized and with a touch of a button the louvers can be positioned at a desired angle. From harsh sunlight to drizzles, nothing can stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Let’s discuss how to maximize your patio with these smartly designed louvered roofing systems.
What is the Equinox patio cover?
Equinox is an aluminum patio roof featuring a precision engineered design. The patio cover comes with louvers that can be moved to a desired position. Featuring a motorized operation, these louvers can be angled to get filtered sunlight or complete shade and rain protection.  
Featuring an in-built gutter system, these motorized louvers can keep the area underneath dry during rain. Moreover, the option of solar powered operation makes these louvers a top choice for patio makeover. No need to draw wires or power from the house, simply install the discreet solar power cell on top of the roof and enjoy a high-performing patio cover. 
How to maximize your patio space with Equinox patio covers?
Choose the right patio cover styles
Whether you have a contemporary home or incorporated ranch style décor, there are endless style and finish options in Equinox patio covers. The standard finishes available are white, sandstone and clay. Besides, you get the option of round, tapered, square and fluted beams and rafters. 
Pay attention to the existing style of your home and choose wisely. The standard sandstone and clay finishes are great for your neutral colored patio furniture. However, if you are planning to completely transform the space and invest in all-new outdoor furniture then can opt for a customized finish to achieve the desired look and feel 
Accessorize the patio   
On warm days or cold nights, maximize your patio space with added functionality like misting systems or heaters. Equinox louvered roof is by far the best choice for patio transformation because the unique design allows seamless integration of heating, misting or lighting systems of your choice. Make sure to find an experienced patio builder so that installation becomes hassle-free. 
Fans, lighting, heating and misting systems surely improve the comfort levels of your patio, but it is equally important to hire an experienced professional so that you can avoid making costly mistakes. 
Design your dream patio
From expensive furniture to a feature-rich grill, anything that you wanted for so long can be incorporated into your dream patio design. Simply get a remote controlled patio and equip it with wind and rain sensors. This allows you to enjoy your time outdoors uninterruptedly. When it starts to drizzle during a barbeque party, you can simply use the remote control to move the fully opened louvers into an entirely closed position and continue having the best time of your life.
Where to find the best patio cover builders near me?
Spending on the right patio roof is important but you cannot ignore the importance of hiring the best patio roofing contractor. 

Equinox louvered roof is a high quality product that comes with a 20 years limited warranty. Keep in mind that you can enjoy the warranty if you hire an Equinox certified patio contractor. Connect with Bluebonnet Patio Covers, they are Equinox certified deals and can help you with the design, installation and maintenance of louvered and retractable patio covers