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Most manufacturers of fat sex dolls are located in the pornographic field

If you have enough space in your house to set up a special place for your fat sex doll (or if you think your fat sex doll always makes you feel comfortable), then a fat sex doll is definitely worth considering. Second, you should decide on the size and weight of the fat sex doll you want to buy.

Nowadays, fat sex dolls are promoted at adult expos along with pornography, virtual reality, and slavery management - masochism (BDSM) torture tools. Sex dolls and sensors can respond to your touch. One company has even developed a head for its robotic dolls that can talk, smile and sing, and sex dolls are the first to provide an "emotional connection.

Users often report feeling lonely. This is one of the themes highlighted in the aforementioned Channel 4 documentary and online forum for users of affordable sex dolls For these people (as most dolls are owned by men), their TPE dolls are more than just a way to get away from sex.