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Most Popular African Herbs and Spices

Africa is renowned for the variety of its cultures and delectable cuisine. African cuisine is expertly seasoned with a variety of local spices and herbs that can only be found on the continent. Get Authentic East African Spices Online at Hooyos House that are hand-made and expertly blended to provide a unique east African flavour. Somali Spice Blends are the ideal method to experience their distinct flavour.

  • Alnif Cumin:

Alnif cumin is typically harvested and processed from the end of April until the beginning of May in the Moroccan village of Alnif, located in the eastern Anti-Atlas mountain range. The seeds from hand-cut cumin plant bundles are extracted and then dried, beat, and sieved to remove fine straw and dust.

  • Irú:

The Yoruba and the Edo people in Nigeria have traditionally utilized Iru, a fermented seasoning, in their soups and local delicacies. In both fresh and dried forms, whole or mashed, it is made using the African locust bean and traditional boiling and pounding processes.

  • Kan Kan Kan:

An odd spice mixture known as kan kan kan is well-liked in Burkina Faso. It is made up of Maggi bouillon cubes, allspice, chilli powder, and peanut powder. These delicate spices combination are crushed and blended to make a beautiful powder. It is used nationally over many grilled meat dishes.

  • Taliouine Saffron:

Taliouine saffron is named after the mountain settlement of the same name, which is situated in Morocco's Souss-Massa region at a height of 1300–1500 metres above sea level and on the Souktana plateau. Small-scale farmers who are all members of the Coopérative Agricole de Taliouine grow the saffron, and the harvest usually lasts from October to November.

  • Poivre de Penja:

Poivre de penja is a traditional pepper variety that comes from the Cameroonian areas of Moungo and Koupé Manengouba. The spice is extracted from the berries of the Piper nigrum plant. With a strong smell and a variety of colours, the spice is beloved by the people of Cameroon.

  • Mitmita:

Mitmita is a powdered spice mixture from Ethiopia containing cloves, cardamom, salt, cumin, cinnamon, and bird's eye chili. Although it is typically used as a dip for dishes with cooked and raw meat, it can also be used as a rub or dusted on many foods.
Mitmita, which is spicier than berbere, is generally used in foods like kitfo or ful medames.

  • Duqqa:

Duqqa is an Egyptian concoction made of herbs, toasted nuts, coriander, cumin, and sesame seeds. These parts are mixed and pounded into a coarse powder that can be used as a seasoning, salad topping, or bread dip.
Its name, which alludes to the production process, is derived from the Egyptian Arabic word for crushing or pounding. Duqqa was formerly a popular spice that was largely used as a spice for bread. It offered all-day fuel because of the high protein and fat content.
In Africa, Traditional Somali Spice Blends are essential to daily living. Some meals are cooked for days before they are ready to be consumed because people appreciate food so much. Each flavour is thoughtfully chosen to complement or contrast the others, resulting in a wonderful meal the whole family will love. Men will pitch in if a hand is required, but women typically prepare the food.