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Multiple Personal Loan Applications: A Good Or Bad Practice?

If you have a financial requirement that needs to be met immediately, Personal Loans can help you. It is an excellent credit facility that can be availed of by completing a simple application procedure online. Just fulfil the essential eligibility criteria, upload the necessary documents, and you are ready.

The Personal Loan interest rate plays a significant role. The interest rates offered by each bank vary. Many applicants make multiple Personal Loan applications. This could result in a higher Loan amount and the best interest rate. Some may do so, hoping that at least one bank approves their Loan request. There are no restrictions for making multiple applications. However, you should refrain from this practice.

Multiple Loan applications impact your credit score and overall profile. Let us understand how.

What happens when you make multiple Loan applications?

With every Loan application you make, a credit enquiry is initiated. The bank checks your credit score and repayment history during the credit enquiry. An excellent credit score and clear credit history are necessary for Personal Loan approval. Typically, there are two types of credit enquiries: soft and hard. A soft enquiry is when you use websites like CIBIL, Trans Union, and other bank websites to check your credit score. Such enquiries have no or minimal impact.

A hard enquiry is when a bank checks your credit score and history. The scrutiny of a hard enquiry increases with every Loan application you make. This negatively impacts your credit score. When you make multiple Loan applications, it indicates desperateness. This proves your credibility as a borrower questionable. Multiple rejections from these applications further worsen your case.
Hence, you focus on making just one application at a time. This way, you need not worry about the repercussions. Moreover, you need to track just one application status. It also removes some load off your shoulder. You can easily check your Loan application status using the Banking app.

How to ensure a suitable Loan application?

Since you make just one application, ensure that you do it right. Start by looking for a suitable bank to apply with. Everyone in India offers Bank Personal Loan. Hence, you have options to choose from. Explore the market and get to know various offerings available.
Apply for a Loan that offers the best Personal Loan interest rates and flexible repayment terms. This way, you are assured of receiving a fair deal and can repay the loan hassle-free.