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Ozone Therapy Vagina

As mentioned above, the ozone therapy vagina has become the new way of treating female reproductive health concerns. Medical ozone has anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. They repair unhealthy cells causing health issue.

There are ample benefits of vaginal ozone therapy which makes it a must-try for women facing any of the mentioned health conditions. These conditions can be treated with vaginal ozone therapy are labia pain, yeast/ bacterial/ viral vaginal infections, pelvic pain, unexplained pain around the vagina, pain during intercourse, and more.

How To Do Vaginal Ozone Insufflation At Home?

You can do vaginal insufflation at home. Just following the below mentioned tips will help in performing the insufflation easily and in the comfort of your home:

-You need an oxygen tank and oxygen regulator, ozone generator, and vaginal insufflation kit.
-You need to plug in the ozone generator first and connect silicone tubing to the oxygen tank. The other end of the tubing is connected to the ozone generator.
-Connect another silicone tube to the ozone outlet of the ozone generator. The other end will be connected to the end of the insert.
-Lubricate insert generously with ozone oil or KY jelly.
-Set the ozone generator on and set the regulator to a one-quarter liter per minute.
-The top of the ozone generator will have a chart representing concentrations of the ozone you get from the generator. The left side shows liters per minute, which are adjusted by the regulator. The right side shows the concentration of ozone.
-The flow of oxygen going inside the generator will determine the concentration of oxygen. The slower the flow rate, the higher the concentration and vice versa.
-Get comfortable, place the insert inside your vagina and allow the ozone to flow inside for 10 minutes.

Is Ozone Therapy For The Vagina Safe?

The ozone therapy for the vagina is considered absolutely safe when it is performed by certified and trained medical professionals. You can discuss everything about the treatment with your consulting doctor before going ahead with the sessions. Based on your underlying medical condition, the doctor will decide the duration of treatment and sessions.

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