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Pest Control and Pet Safety

Although the poisonous concentration level of modern pesticides is thought to be safer than it was in the past, they can still be harmful, especially to dogs and cats because they can swallow them and absorb them via their skin pores as well as inhale them.
There are a few things you can do to ensure your pets' safety when the exterminator comes to your house to handle pest management, even though pest control is now safer than ever.
Are your pets safe during pest control? Most of the time, the answer is yes, but it depends on the caliber of the pest control firm you select.
Is pest control suitable for pets?
When using pesticides, pest control solutions in Tacoma take care to choose a safe product and blend it in a way that eliminates pests without harming your animals. Additionally, a minimum concentration of pesticides must be used, often less than 1%. This concentration poses no health risk to the pets and is more than sufficient to eradicate the pests.
Because they are of such high quality, the pesticides that are sprayed on the surfaces dry very quickly. Insects are killed by the residue that remains on the surfaces, but if pets encounter it, they are unaffected.
What exactly is pet-friendly pest control?
A strategy to pest control that the EPA describes as "an environmentally friendly, common-sense approach to controlling pests," integrated pest management, is closely related to pet-friendly pest control. Pesticides are applied often as part of traditional pest control. Comparatively, Integrated Pest Management uses insecticides only when necessary.
In addition to being beneficial to both people and the environment, integrated pest control is also kind to pets, but not to pests.
Tips for safe pet care
Take your pets to a dry area that has not been treated with chemicals whenever the pest control treatment occurs. You could transport them to your yard or another location where the treatment will not take place for at least two hours.
Always let the exterminator know that you have pets in your house so that they can follow the right operational guidelines for the animals' protection.
Moving a fish aquarium is difficult, especially if it is big. They could be shielded by covering it with a sheet.
To prevent them from being sprayed with pesticides, make sure that all the pet's toys are kept in a sealed container.
the meal. You must keep their food in bowls or trays that are not in direct contact with any sprays of water.