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Powerhouse on Wheels: The Eicher 22-Wheeler Truck Revolution

Welcome to this blog of TrucksBuses. Here in this blog post we will see and talk about the latest Eicher 22-Wheeler Truck specifications, Eicher 22-Wheeler Truck features, and Eicher 22-Wheeler Truck price.
So, let's check the ultimate Eicher 22-Wheeler Truck.

22-wheeler trucks

These 22-wheeler trucks are very helpful and effective in heavy-duty jobs like - mining, construction, infrastructure, and carrying large goods and machinery from one place to another.
Now it is time to check the specifications of these Eicher 22-wheeler trucks.
The gross vehicle weight of these amazing Eicher 22-tire trucks is approximately 49,000 kgs, not only this, these powerful trucks are loaded with power ranging from 200 HP to 250 HP with a VED X 8 Engine.
If we talk about the engine capacity, we must inform you that these ultra-modern Eicher 22-wheeler Truck's fuel tank capacity ranges from 400 L to 500 L. These amazing Eicher 22-wheeler trucks also provide an amazing warranty of 3 years or 3,00, 000 km whichever is earlier.
Eicher 22-wheeler truck's maximum torque output of around 900 NM differentiates this heavy-duty truck from the other contemporaries. Not only this, these trucks provide amazing ground clearance of 260mm.
Now let us check some amazing features.
With a fully suspended cabin loaded with tilt and telescopic power steering and a 6-way adjustable mechanically suspended driver’s seat, these most demanded ultra-modern Eicher 22-wheeler trucks have all the necessary features including safety features required by any 22-tyre trucks. These amazing trucks come with digital instrument clusters with fuel coaching assistance. This amazing feature helps you to never run out of fuel and have a keen look at fuel consumption. Some more features like - Telematics, Mobile charging points, Cruise control, Bottle holder, etc. make this amazing robust truck apt for the long run.
Let us have a look at some safety features as well.
Along with other features, these very useful Eicher 22-chakka trucks hold some very effective safety features as well. With Air service brakes, pneumatically operated parking brakes, exhaust brakes, ABS, seat belts, reverse parking buzzers, and provisional fog light this multi-use truck is most demanding as far as the 22-tyre truck market is concerned.
At last, let us check the price.
These multidimensional Eicher 22-tyre truck prices range from 37.17 lakhs to 44.70 lakhs. gives you the option of booking your favorite Eicher 22-tyre truck directly from the website i.e.
With this, here we come to conclude this micro blog.