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Rogues can be too damaging modifications DaD

Submitted by Devon456 on Sun, 04/16/2023 - 18:07

The game's PvPvE. Not PvEvPvP LOL. That sounds weird. But in the end. If they make them "smarter" And more people will be crying than just making mobs of bullet sponges. These aren't that strong. It's just that people don't fully understand the system of perks. This is due in part to the lack of information on tools and insufficient information. Also, people are afraid of testing and dying find out the answer. The perk system is a huge an issue in this industry. It is imperative to improve transparency Dark And Darker Gold.

Rogues can be too damaging modifications

Design. Very good theoretically. Implementation slightly subpar however, it is usable. Flat damage is a poor idea in a game featuring diverse attack speed weapons and spells. Wizards must begin with daggers and orbs or a crystal sword not the staff.

Fix hit reg and make more than one offensive spell usable on wizards( I have calculated that only one spell can be used for magic missiles, pve and in pvp chain lightning , fireballs kill wizards faster than enemy.

Chain lightning cannot be used to fight ranged enemies because its range is very small. it's not suitable for melee targets at close range as it can kill you in only one or two rounds. It's got a limited range, as well. The "skill" is shooting at dead bodies of mobs and then sending it back to the enemies within maximum range.

Fireball has a huge hitbox as well as an aoe. The fireball in its own air is slow. I actively swing my axe at wizards who are aiming fireballs to ensure my HANDS get hit first, which reduces damage from 100 max theoretically base, to 25(burn in addition). This makes the spell ineffective against top players, when one heath pot, or your base stats are enough to make you ineffective with 100 per cent accuracy.

Magic missiles sometimes doesn't seem to register , or the limb injury is so minor that it is impossible to eliminate a barb using the rune of magic resistance level 1 or level 1 on every missile striking the arm/hand Dark And Darker Gold for sale.