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Separating Parent Dealing With Their Young Child

Submitted by Jamesnoble on Thu, 03/02/2023 - 19:59

The difficulties facing our client.
We are dealing with a matter where the parents have separated and are having difficulties with their child who is 2 years of age. Alex (not his real name) is two years of age. He has a strong bonding relationship with his mother who has been the primary carer in his life. A child of this age, as noted in the enclosed articles, may stress at being separated from the bonded parent for an extended period. The proposed arrangements for Alex would allow a gradual buildup of time for Alex with his father with an equal parenting arrangement to be in place when Alex reaches school age.

For an equal parenting arrangements had to be successful there must be a high level of communication between parents. It is noted from our client’s instructions that communication between the parties is very tense. It would appear that the communication on certain topics is okay. Our client and the father communicate satisfactorily on general topics (Alex’s well-being, pick up/it drop off). The parties communicate via text messages and in person at changeovers with Alex. The father has become angry and argumentative when talking about the child.

There must be a high level of communication between the parties for an equal parenting arrangements to be successful. There is a great deal of information which must be exchanged. If it is clear that if this cannot be achieved a Court would not sanction an equal parenting arrangement.

The welfare of a child is paramount. The court will not sanction an equal parenting arrangement if it would cause stress for the child or hardship for the arrangements to be successful.

As noted in the enclosed articles a child is more able to deal successfully with such arrangements at an older age.

It would be advisable for the parties to attend a Triple P parenting program to improve their parenting and communication skills when our client attempts to discuss money or the father’s responsibilities as far as Alex is concerned. Our client notes that the father has also become sullen and moody and that at other times has shut down any communication between them or hung up on our client especially when discussing money issues and taking responsibility for Alex.

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