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Short Weaves With Curls

Short weaves with curls are an ideal solution for women looking to add curly waves to their short pixie or bob cuts without making significant modifications to their locks.

Short weaves with curls come in an assortment of colors and textures to fit every style, from casual to sophisticated - find what suits you here!

1. Black Curls

Black curls are one of the most desired hair textures, and short weaves offer an effortless way to showcase them with no long-term commitment required! Not to mention endless styling possibilities!

This voluminous style is a gorgeous choice for anyone, making an excellent alternative to pixie cuts while helping keep hair healthy-looking.

This bold black curly weave looks incredible against darker skin tones, creating an eye-catching contrast when styled with platinum tones.

2. Springy Curls

Short weaves with curled ends can be an excellent way to frame your face and add an elegant style. Curls also add texture and volume that makes this hairstyle even more feminine.

To achieve this style, you will require a weave with curls and extra styling tools such as a curling iron. Loose coils created using this curling iron will help your weave extensions blend in more seamlessly with natural hair.

This style works well on women with different face shapes. It provides an eye-catching frame to their features, which works equally well on long and short facial structures.

This hairstyle is perfect for many different occasions, from the office to the beach. Furthermore, its maintenance is very simple, while it remains gorgeous no matter the setting.

3. Brown Curls

Add some flair to your short weave by going for the kinky curl look. These tighter coils give an airy and voluptuous appearance that gives it plenty of volume and fluffy bounce.

If your hair naturally features brown hues, this style could be perfect! The burgundy hue works particularly well on black women and makes their locks stand out.

Women with darker skin can also benefit from using these devices, as you're able to better see the definition of your curls.

If you want a less dramatic weave look, try this short bob with face-framing bangs - perfect for beachy looks! Add bold hues like turquoise and medium blue for added impact.

4. Black and Brown Curls

Short weaves with curly locks are an easy and quick way to transform your look, and much less expensive than long locks.

Short weaves offer many advantages over their longer counterparts, including being simple to style and adapting perfectly to every face shape and skin tone.

Black women can take advantage of a range of curly hair colors when using these extensions on their natural locks, and try an edgy and modern style such as a black bob with curls for year round wearability!

For an elegant and classic look, opt for a pixie cut with side-swept bangs to frame your eyes and add character and sophistication. This will also make you stand out amongst other ladies.

5. Brown Wavy Curls

No matter the shape or size of your face, a short bob with soft curls is an effective way to frame it. An added rounded layer adds volume while strategically placed highlights give your cut an eye-catching twist.

On dark skin, caramel-hued short bobs are an elegant classic choice. To elevate this short style even further, pair it with a black base for an eye-catching, sexy and chic effect.

This look is ideal for women who love their natural wavy texture but want something different. Additionally, the shattered bob style can also work for those who don't mind having locks with an unpredictable style.