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Skin Lightening Cream for BlackSkin

This bleaching cream is to be diluted to a lower strength with your regular body lotion ‘upon initial use’. You have to gradually work your way up to using this skin bleach at ‘full strength’. This bleaching cream still needs to be diluted with regular lotion upon initial use, even if you don’t plan on bleaching your entire body many shades lighter. Full instructions come with the product on how to dilute your bleaching cream. Make sure you also purchase a 16 oz. mixing jar here. hydroquinone, skin whitening, skin bleach. Dark spot corrector

Buy Bleaching Cream for Private Areas

If you’re looking to quickly and significantly lighten your skin, hydroquinone skin bleach is what you need to use. Using my potent skin bleach and application method, you’ll start seeing results within one week. There are many misconceptions about hydroquinone, but it is safe to use for skin bleaching or removing scratches & scars. Hydroquinone skin whiteners are the same thing celebrities use to bleach their skin.

Unfortunately, when it comes to whitening your lower extremities {legs, knees, buttocks, knuckles, back, etc.} the bleaching creams at CVS and Walgreen’s just don’t get it {they contain 2% and 3% HQ} Even the 4% HQ creams can be ineffective and also very expensive ~ $40 for a 28g tube! Even worse than that, none of them are ever enough. You cannot bleach your entire body or large areas with a tiny 30g, 2oz, or 4oz tube. When you shop dark spot remover for black skin, you’ll see that my 30% Hydroquinone cream comes in much larger sizes, more than enough to bleach your entire body for several weeks or longer! Isis Gold hydroquinone cream is formulated with organic inactive ingredients and is extremely stable and highly resistant to oxidation. Oxidation is an enemy to healthy skin cells, as well as hydroquinone. When hydroquinone cream becomes oxidized {turns brown in color} it is no longer effective. Skin lightening cream for black skin

Our Hydroquinone Cream is a unique blend specially formulated with safe & natural penetration enhancers so that you’ll get the quickest results guaranteed. My hydroquinone cream is potent, thick, and creamy. So you’ll use less cream for a shorter period of time and you’ll reach your skin lightening goals faster. After achieving your desired skin tone, you only have to apply your HQ cream 2-3 times a week for maintenance. My hydroquinone cream is also non-comedogenic, which means it wont clog your pores and cause break-outs. Celebrity Skin Bleaching: Hydroquinone skin whitener is very well known in Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood. It is what U.S. , Indian, and Nigerian celebrities have used to dramatically whiten their very dark skin to albino proportions. Very few of these celebrities admit to bleaching their skin, and if they do, none of them ever tell what they used. And if they decide to market their own cream, the real active ingredients are shrouded in total mystery.