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Small Vending Machines

Vending machines are a great way to make money and enjoy tasty snacks and ice-cold drinks. They’re also an ideal side hustle or new venture for those interested in low startup costs and high profitability.

Whether you choose to purchase your equipment or source locations yourself, there are a few key steps you should take before getting started. These steps include determining the location’s needs, sourcing machines, and placing your vending machine.
Mini Vending Machines

Small vending machines are a great way to increase your revenue. They can fit into spaces that bigger machines would be impractical, and you can offer more choices than a traditional machine does.

These machines are a good choice for office breakrooms. They aren’t likely to be stolen, and your employees will have a variety of snacks available.

Mini vending machines are also a good choice for specialty small businesses, such as bakeries and coffee shops. They can sell cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods in a convenient location.

Another great option for a small vending business is a vending machine that dispenses toiletries or supplies. This is especially useful in large industrial or office settings where staff often runs out of these items.
Mini Combo Vending Machines

Mini combo vending machines are a great solution for small locations that can't accommodate two full-sized snack or drink machines. They are lightweight and far easier to move than full-sized units, plus they take up less space inside a building.

These combination vending machines can offer snacks, such as chips, candy, pastries, gum & mints, and soda, along with drinks, like bottled water, juices, and even dairy products. They can also include better-for-you snack choices for patrons who want to eat healthier.

Adding a variety of snack and drink options to your small vending machines will help keep people coming back. They can also help to reduce the amount of time employees have to spend waiting for food and can improve overall productivity in the workplace. Whether they're in an office, an airport, school, or a business park, combo vending machines can be a great addition to any location. They're also a safe investment. They require minimal maintenance, and they're easy to program.
Compact Vending Machines

Small vending machines are a great option for businesses that don't have the space to install full-sized drink or snack machines. They are easier to move than full-sized models and require fewer power sources.

They also provide easy access to snacks and drinks that keep employees satisfied all day. These machines can be placed in the office floor, near a kitchen or any other area that will accommodate a machine.

Vending machines also come in a variety of flavors and sizes to meet the needs of your customers. They can be equipped with automated retail systems that allow business owners to customize products by season or event.

Compact vending machines are also popular in hotels and other large industrial spaces to offer toiletries, paper products and other supplies. They are also used in many offices to provide pens and pencils, copier cartridges, and other common office items.
Compact Combo Vending Machines

Compact combo vending machines are a great space-saving alternative that provide the benefits of snack vending plus soda vending all in one machine. They save space and make more room for other equipment that your location may need.

These types of machines can be used for a wide range of applications, from office buildings to hotels. Often, they’re found in high-traffic areas to offer different snacks and drinks to customers.

They’re also useful for businesses that need to dispense a lot of supplies, such as toilet paper, tissues, or pens and pencils. These can be especially helpful in large workplaces, like offices with multiple floors and reception rooms.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new machine or sell one, finding one online is easy and convenient. Consumer-to-consumer platforms such as Craigslist and eBay have thousands of machines for sale, all at a variety of price points. You can filter by merchant or owner location to help you narrow your search and find the best deal.