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Take a look at the super cool Glance Features on your lock screen!

Submitted by Shubham98 on Mon, 06/10/2024 - 02:58

Unlock a more engaging lock screen experience on your Android phone!

Glance, available on many Android devices including Xiaomi/Redmi/MI, Realme, Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo, goes beyond just wallpapers. It's a smart lock screen that keeps you informed and entertained.

Here's what Glance offers:

See more than wallpapers: Glance delivers news, sports updates, and even lets you play games – all at a glance and without unlocking your phone.
Personalized for you: Choose the categories you're interested in, like fashion trends or cricket scores, and see more of what you love.
Multilingual support: Glance speaks your language! Enjoy content and information in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and many more.
Want to stick with a classic lock screen? No problem! We'll show you how to disable Glance, but for those looking for a more interactive experience, Glance offers a fun and convenient way to stay on top of things.

Glance Features aren’t just about news and games – they’re about connecting you to the action!

Participate in live entertainment shows with celebrities, creators, and millions of other Glance users. It's a whole new way to experience entertainment, right on your lock screen. Glance features go well beyond static content – they lets you be part of the action!

Glance features keep you in the know, right on your lock screen! Catch breaking news and trending topics the moment they happen – no need to unlock your phone. Plus, if you're a sports fanatic, Glance features delivers live updates, scores, and even lets you see sports legends live! Never miss a thrilling moment again!

Calling all gamers! Glance turns your lock screen into a mini-arcade with over 500 free games, all playable without downloading a single thing. Save storage space and enjoy instant fun, whenever you have a spare moment – all at a glance!

Plus, Glance features let you catch live streams of top gaming tournaments. It's the perfect way to stay entertained and see the pros in action, all without ever leaving your lock screen. Glance – game on!

Love to unwind with a little retail therapy? Glance features let you discover the latest fashion trends and must-have accessories right on your lock screen. Explore popular creator collections from EK by Ekta Kapoor and many more. See something you love? Glance allows you to explore further or even purchase directly – all with a few taps! It's a convenient way to indulge in some shopping without ever leaving your lock screen.

Now let's help you bust some raging myths that may urge users to ask how to remove Glance wallpaper without even knowing that it's actually a Smart Lock Screen:

Myth 1: Glance features running within the smart wallpaper will drain your battery

BUSTED: This is not true! First of all, Glance features are elements of the smart Lock Screen and not a wallpaper app. Secondly, Glance features consume very little battery power on your smartphone. The nail in the coffin of this myth is that the Glance features will keep your battery consumption super low while you enjoy all that is available on your smart lock screen!

Myth 2: Children or anyone who finds my phone can access Glance features like games on Glance wallpaper app without my permission

BUSTED: We've already disproved the myth about Glance wallpaper being an app when it is a preinstalled as a smart Glance feature for your android phone’s lock screen. And you now also know that your phone actually has a Smart Lock Screen! As for the other thing, Glance features are designed with a unique child-lock feature that prevents your Smart Lock Screen from being used by someone else without your approval and permission. So you can put your mind at ease on this matter!

Glance features are designed to personalize your lock screen, but it's entirely up to you!

We've highlighted some of the benefits of Glance features, but if you prefer a classic lock screen experience, that's easy to do too.

Just click here and you’ll see the detailed steps to disable the Glance feature from your lock screen.

Want to explore more with Glance features? It's easy to get started!

Glance features make the experience of a lock screen nothing less than enjoyable for millions of users worldwide, including India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia (with more countries to come!).

Here's what Glance eatures offer:

Stay informed and entertained: Glance features help deliver news, sports updates, and even lets you play games – all at a glance.
Personalized for you: Make the most of Glance features to choose the categories you're interested in and see more of what you love.
Multilingual support: Glance features help your content speak your language!
Ready to unlock the full potential of your lock screen with Glance features? Let's show you how Glance features can transform your phone!