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Teach Your Dog How to Behave with Other Apartment Dogs

It is likely that if you are allowed to have a dog in the apartment, then other tenants will have dogs nearby as well. While there are a few different steps that you need to take to help make sure your dog is as comfortable in the apartment as possible, you will also need to teach your dog how to behave with some of the other dogs who are in the apartment as well.
While you do need to socialize the dog and make sure they are comfortable around other pets, there are some times when your dog will not get along with one dog or even several others in the apartment complex. This can turn into a downside since all of the neighbors are going to be right on top of each other in this kind of living arrangement.
If you have a dog that gets into a fight with another dog because they don’t get along or your dog doesn’t do well with many other dogs, the responsibility is going to be all yours. You need to take the time to teach your pet how to get along with not only other people, but also with other dogs when you live in such tight quarters.
The best way to handle some of these situations is to have a conversation with your neighbor and find mutual ground. Letting the dogs communicate and spend time with one another can help with some of these problems. Sometimes all that they need is some time to meet and then they can get along. If this does not work, it may be time to work with a trainer to help the two dogs get along better.
No matter the method you choose to go with, you need to be patient and gentle with your dog. They are feeling nervous and anxious for some reason and they need you to be there to provide them with some of the support necessary to make it through all of this and learn how to behave well.
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