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Is there family violence in your relationship?

Submitted by Jamesnoble on Sun, 03/05/2023 - 20:17

Are the stresses in your life caused by family violence, drugs or alcohol abuse by your partner?

Family violence takes many forms. It is not necessarily verbal or physical violence. Many forms of violence are considered family violence under the legislation:

It could be withholding financial support;
Preventing you from socialising with your friends and associates;
It could involve constant texting or emailing you with issues concerning your family.
There are many forms of family violence, which would form the basis for an application seeking a family violence restraint order against your partner. An application for family violence falls within the state Magistrates Court. If there is a ground for family violence, the Court will consider making orders preventing the person who is responsible for such violence from contacting you and from entering your home. Family violence orders can also include the children whereby contact by a perpetrator of family violence is prevented from seeing the children.

The most prevalent risks are often categorized as neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, exposure to family violence, mental health issues, sexual abuse, or substance issues.

The consequences of seeking a family violence order must be well considered by you before taking that step.

Important Considerations
You must also give consideration to what you believe the children’s involvement with the other partner should be and how that can be best achieved.

Consideration must be given to the division of the related assets and how they are to be divided to cater for the needs of yourself and your family.

Children’s and property issues will be dealt with in our following seminars.

If you require assistance to deal with any of the emotional, financial and legal issues arising from a separation, then you must seek professional advice.

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