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There is zero thinking required if you DaD

Submitted by Devon456 on Mon, 04/24/2023 - 18:01

If we had directional aiming for all weapons Dark And Darker Gold, a lot of the barbarian advantage would be emeliorated because "overhead" swings would be properly telegraphed.

Strength being linked to both dmg and health pool is another glaring issue. There’s a good reason why just about every fantasy game ever uses constitution/stamina to independently drive hp.

There is zero thinking required if you get both damage and health all-in-one. You should need to choose if you want to tank or deal high damage - not both as those are the parent attributes of combat effectiveness from which all other child attributes are derived.

I like Ironmace but this is a straight up design flaw. It’s weird how strength = health anyway. You could be the strongest guy in the world until you take an axe to the face.

They definitely need to have a separate attribute for health pool. One can be tanky and high DPS but they should be separated so one has to make decisions. It also increases the value of gear if they have both stats.

How limited arrows gatekeeps noobs, frustrates mediocre players and empowers the rich. o preface this, I am perfectly aware that playtests are for testing, and I have no issue with them testing limited arrows in a playtest.

Part 1 | Strength of the Ranger

If Rangers are given limited arrows, it is logical to follow that those arrows are more powerful, or at least that they can be with special arrows. This only creates a further divide between low geared players and the richest of players, as the poor have to be conservative in the usage of their low tier arrows, while the rich are now stronger than before, and as we've seen with franciscas, they don't care about the cost. Meanwhile, mediocre players probably won't change their playstyle too much. After all Dark And Darker Gold for sale
, if they change their playstyle to shoot fewer arrows than before, they will just be less powerful.