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Tips to choose host families

Your host family is an essential and very important part of your experience as a student abroad. They are the ones who will open the doors of their home for you and who will give you an actual perspective of what everyday life is like in a new country and with a new culture. Many of their former participants still have close contact with their host families, even years after their experience has ended. Dublin Host Families can become a second family for you that you will be able to visit many times in the future, and they will also be able to visit you. 
Host families of all shapes and sizes
All of their families are different, and there is no typical Get Ready family. Some are young, some are older, some have children, and some are single parents. Some families live in the countryside, others in the cities, some are believers, others are not, some like soccer, others.

Guardianship Ireland comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing all families have in common is that they have a genuine interest in welcoming you into their place and showing you what a day is like in your chosen country. They are very interested in young people and cultural exchange, and they will be as curious and want to learn more about your country as you are about theirs.
How are they selected?
Before being selected, families must apply to host a student, and they go through a process similar to that of students before enrolling in the program. Their staff in the host country will make a home visit and interview each family member to learn more about who they are, why they want to become a host family, and what expectations they have for the exchange program.Their staff will also visit your home, ensure the house is appropriate and meets your standards, and have a room designated and available for you.
Summer Camps in Ireland, ask for references and receive copies of your criminal records to ensure they are spotless. Their application is then thoroughly vetted by their office staff. If deemed appropriate, its members have the right intentions, attitude, and no criminal record on their criminal record. The family is accepted into their program and is ready.
The host family chooses you.
Host Family in Ireland will do their best to place their exchange students with host families based on their profiles and applications, but in the end, the decision on who will host is up to the host family. They will choose you and welcome you into their home, often based on your interests and the impression they get from your application. Therefore you must be honest and accurately describe yourself and your expectations for the semester or school year abroad.

Some host families will already have a clear vision of what type of student they want to host. If, for example, they live on a horse farm, they may want to host a student who likes them and is used to having horses around. Some may have teenage children who are into a particular sport and may prefer that the exchange student share that interest with their children.