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Ubisoft Unveils Rainbow Six SMOL: A Playful Twist on the Classic Franchise

Submitted by palulernmn on Wed, 02/21/2024 - 15:30

Ubisoft has introduced a fresh addition to the Rainbow Six universe with the release of Rainbow Six SMOL, a mobile game that puts a whimsical spin on the renowned tactical shooter franchise. This new venture presents a colorful departure from the typically serious and dark ambiance of its predecessors, offering players a novel gameplay style.

Rainbow Six SMOL is a unique collaboration between Ubisoft and Netflix, as the streaming giant ventures further into the realm of gaming. Available exclusively on Netflix, this mobile title adds another layer of excitement to the streaming service's expanding game lineup. Despite Netflix's foray into gaming not yet achieving widespread recognition, the addition of noteworthy titles, including Rainbow Six SMOL, contributes to the gaming collection available to subscribers at no extra cost.

The game, now accessible on Netflix for both iOS and Android, transforms the esteemed Rainbow Six franchise—known for its exceptional tactical shooters—into a cartoonish adventure. With vibrant colors and a playful atmosphere, Rainbow Six SMOL offers a top-down rogue-lite experience. Players can embark on diverse missions set in various locations, wreak havoc in their surroundings, and engage in battles against enemies, providing a refreshing take on the traditional Rainbow Six gameplay.