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The Ultimate Guide to Beer Keg Tap Types and Uses

Nothing else can beat the tasty enjoyment a cold draught beer offers. Whether it is a backyard barbecue party, you must set up your home bar, or you need to understand the various Beer Keg Tap systems and their uses, it is imperative. This tutorial is supposed to help you navigate the world of beer taps, and in the end, you will be able to make a proper decision. Join me under the pump, and let's tap our hearts to the same rhythm!
Understanding Beer Keg Taps
Beer Keg Taps are the best answer for every beer dispensing system. These tools will be your direct ticket to amazing beer, but not all taps are perfect. Not only do the taps work, but they also come in different forms, from the traditional hand pump to sophisticated Commercial Beer Tap System.
The Classic Hand Pump
A hand pump, or a party pump, is the most basic of beer taps. It utilizes air to push the beer out of the barrel and is used at casual, one-day events. However, this is because it causes the oxygen to enter the keg and leads to the fast spoiling of it. Here's why it's popular:

  • First, it is easy to use and is portable.
  • This is the best choice if you are organizing an outdoor event or picnic.
  • Beer must be drunk within 18-24 hours after brewing because it has a short shelf life.

Gas Regulator and Manifold Systems
A more advanced and long-term setup must use a Gas Regulator and Manifold. This system lets drink CO2 or nitrogen to serve beer, thus making it last for a long time. It's a favorite among home brewers and bar owners for several reasons:


  • Holds the beer's freshness intact for a while.
  • Backgrounds allow other kegs to be connected and dispensed.
  • Adjustable nuts of air pressure for a perfect blast of carbonation.

Co2 Regulator for Beer
CO2 Regulator for Beer is indispensable to your keg's proper functioning. The addition of CO2 in excess will make your beer all foam; if the amount of CO2 is below the requirement, it will be flat. A good regulator means that every draught is just perfectly right for you. Key points include:


  • Precision in carbonation levels
  • The main requirement for long-term storage of the keg.
  • Provides the beer with a unique taste and a high level of quality.

Wall Mounted Beer Tap
The Wall Mounted Beer Tap Systems provide the double benefit of saving space and adding a professional color to your home bar or commercial establishment. They have a direct installation on the wall and thereby occupy the required counter space. Benefits include:

  • Sleek and professional appearance
  • This could be a fantastic solution for a bar with a small area.
  • Cleans easily and can be maintained easily.

Selecting the appropriate beer keg tap in your beer setup is very important as it will determine the quality and continuity of your pours. At Draft Warehouse, you can find a wide variety of premium-quality beer keg taps and other necessary beer draft equipment to construct the perfect arrangement to your liking. Check us out today and take your tap beer night to the next level.